Ezra James | Newborn

September 14, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_8342-2IMG_8342-2 Oh my heart, meeting sweet Ezra James for the first time was as wonderful as you think it is. From his obvious cuteness to his sweet & amazing parents and his precious sleepy little face I died at the adorable overload of this little man. I may be biased because I adore his parents but this little guy is gonna be so fun to watch grow up! 

IMG_8349IMG_8349 IMG_8356IMG_8356 IMG_8359IMG_8359 IMG_8363IMG_8363 IMG_8365-2IMG_8365-2 IMG_8369IMG_8369 IMG_8397IMG_8397 IMG_8384IMG_8384 IMG_8403IMG_8403 IMG_8429-2IMG_8429-2 IMG_8495IMG_8495 IMG_8531IMG_8531 IMG_8463IMG_8463 IMG_8544-2IMG_8544-2 IMG_8560IMG_8560 IMG_8563IMG_8563


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