Europe 2019 | Part 1 | Great Britain

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IMG_9795IMG_9795 IMG_9799IMG_9799 Our three-week adventure pre dropping Margo off at school starts off with an 8.5 hour direct flight into London, 2 buses from one airport to another and finally to out hotel outside of Heathrow. Honestly, jet lag really got the best of us with an extended nap midday and then pints at the bar that evening. 

Day two comes in strong with a LOT more learning as far as busses & trains. We hooped a bus to the airport, took the underground to the train station, then took a train with one transfer to Margate. A tattoo artist I previously visited in Cork, IE is now running a shop with her husband and I'd booked an appointment with her for a second piece. Margo spent much of the tattoo time loving the shop greyhound rescue Stella & getting some stunning photos of both Alex & Bodie at work. Seriously our favorite part of Great Britain was hanging out with them! After my tattoo we headed to the beach & then back into London to see the city at sunset. 

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