Brandon & Danyell | Engagement Photos

June 28, 2019  •  1 Comment

IMG_2108IMG_2108 Aside from the obvious overload of cuteness from Brandon and Danyell's engagement session these two were unbelievably fun. From the amazing additions of brining along their Best Man & Maid of Honor to drinking champagne on the beach because i mean why not make your engagement session a party? We took full advantage of a warm June Saturday night golden hour to wander around the Discovery Park bluff and down to the lighthouse before catching some photos just after dusk on top of Pier 66 where Brandon proposed. If engagement photos are any indication of how amazing the wedding will be next July we will be seeing some outstanding fun moments from when these two get married out in the sound! 

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Tammy Olson(non-registered)
Very cute pictures. I loved the ones along the beach. Can't wait for the big day.
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