Valadez Family 2019

April 01, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_6060IMG_6060 The snow may be finally melting but not before I got to spend an amazing afternoon with this perfect little family! Kalaya was such a trooper running around in the snow with her furry best friend Titan. I just loved catching of with these guys and seeing how the family had grown! 

IMG_6069IMG_6069 IMG_6081IMG_6081 IMG_6091IMG_6091 IMG_6096-2IMG_6096-2 IMG_6111-2IMG_6111-2 IMG_6099IMG_6099 IMG_6145IMG_6145 IMG_6161IMG_6161 IMG_6179IMG_6179 IMG_6193IMG_6193 IMG_6214IMG_6214 IMG_6227IMG_6227 IMG_6247-2IMG_6247-2 IMG_6249IMG_6249 IMG_6259IMG_6259 IMG_6263IMG_6263 IMG_6279-2IMG_6279-2


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