Europe 2019 | Part 2 | Ireland

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We started our first week in Ireland bouncing between Cobh wandering the waterfront, shops and just overall enjoying that it had to offer amongst the company of good friends, Midleton and the area surrounding our airbnb and exploring much of what Cork had to offer from a Cork FC game, pubs, shops and my usual in numerous coffee stop to then taking the bus to spend the day in Kinsale. 

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We moved on from out weekish in county Cork by picking up a loaner car, yes it was a manual righthand drive car, then headed north to the Cliffs of Moher and a night in Galway. After our night in Galway with the coolest Airbnb hosts on the planet, we drove through the countryside of Ireland into Northern Ireland and stopped for the evening in Belfast. Our day in Belfast consisted of spending the day at the Belfast Zoo and then making our way to our final stop: Dublin. 

IMG_0695IMG_0695 IMG_0693IMG_0693 IMG_0718IMG_0718 IMG_0745IMG_0745 IMG_0757IMG_0757 IMG_0789IMG_0789 _MG_2815_MG_2815 IMG_0804IMG_0804 _MG_2876_MG_2876 IMG_0832IMG_0832 IMG_0835IMG_0835 IMG_1000IMG_1000 IMG_1099IMG_1099 IMG_1133IMG_1133 IMG_1277IMG_1277 IMG_1837IMG_1837 IMG_1790IMG_1790 IMG_1798IMG_1798 IMG_1899-2IMG_1899-2 IMG_1895IMG_1895 IMG_1961IMG_1961 _MG_3358_MG_3358 IMG_2112IMG_2112 IMG_2092IMG_2092 IMG_2144IMG_2144 After returning our loaner car and getting settled in Dublin we spent the next day and a half exploring the city and enjoying our final time in Ireland before hopping a very short flight to out final destination: Oslo, Norway. 

IMG_2178IMG_2178 IMG_2184-3IMG_2184-3 IMG_2186IMG_2186 IMG_2189IMG_2189 IMG_2190IMG_2190 IMG_2192IMG_2192 IMG_2193IMG_2193 IMG_2194IMG_2194 IMG_2204IMG_2204 IMG_2205IMG_2205 IMG_2211IMG_2211 IMG_2214IMG_2214 IMG_2222-2IMG_2222-2 IMG_2217IMG_2217


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