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1D9BBAE0-67E0-40E9-AA9D-8E8C47215DFA1D9BBAE0-67E0-40E9-AA9D-8E8C47215DFAProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset My trip truly began a day before I left, redeye flights have a way of doing that. I left Seattle just before midnight Thursday evening to attempt to sleep for 4 hours before landing in Detroit to start our short 3-day road trip. I would love to point out if you're the guy on a redeye who thinks it's a good idea to use your reading light you would be very wrong. Lack of sleep aside, seeing the sunrise from inside a plane is pretty dang cool. 

After landing I had the joy of being reunited with my best and then the road trip began. We headed to the Canadian Border through Detroit as we were making out 4-hour drive to Niagara Falls. After getting detained briefly at customs for having pepper spray and having to surrender it to The Queen (I'm not kidding) we were on our way again. Arriving around lunchtime we looked around the Canadian side of the falls before heading back into the US to go on the Maid of the Mist boat tour (Office fans where you at?). Earlier in the day, I had decided to put on a little mascara & lipstick to make myself feel like I hadn't been awake for a very long time & just gotten off a redeye. This was a mistake. For those of you who don't know, you get soaked while on the boat tours and that's why everyone has the awesome blue ponchos. Special should out to Smashbox liquid lipstick because that stuff stayed in place like no other. My mascara, however, bled all over my face and I had the joy of using my Dew Scrunchie to wipe it off while trying to take pictures. After a stunning, I mean stunning boat ride we continued our adventure towards our Airbnb in Syracuse, NY. Now as you may have in a previous blog post, I LOVE sunflowers and the field I visited in Moses Lake was on it's last legs. I really really wanted a field in bloom and luckily found Fredrick Farms one on the way in Clifton NY. It was the perfect last stop before our Airbnb & ad good nights rest! 

831501FF-D8D3-4D25-AC08-CBC30F2D55A4831501FF-D8D3-4D25-AC08-CBC30F2D55A4Processed with VSCO with t1 preset IMG_6302IMG_6302 IMG_6310-2IMG_6310-2 IMG_6370IMG_6370 IMG_6372IMG_6372 IMG_6378IMG_6378 IMG_6379IMG_6379 IMG_6388IMG_6388 IMG_6400IMG_6400 IMG_6401IMG_6401 26670D64-654F-4070-AA88-E2CBE579426126670D64-654F-4070-AA88-E2CBE5794261Processed with VSCO with t1 preset IMG_1498 IMG_6433IMG_6433 IMG_6456IMG_6456 IMG_6448IMG_6448 IMG_6463IMG_6463 IMG_6480IMG_6480 IMG_6494IMG_6494 IMG_6591IMG_6591 IMG_6509IMG_6509 IMG_6492IMG_6492 IMG_6547IMG_6547 IMG_6565IMG_6565 IMG_6545IMG_6545 After a well needed night's rest we began our morning at a farmers market in Syracuse, NY near our Airbnb before making the 4-hour drive to Philadelphia. Now I will say, what better way to break up a drive than stopping in none other than Scranton, PA. Seriously it was our second "Office Themed"  stop of the trip. Yes, we needed to get gas for the car and coffee for ourselves but we really enjoyed our 30 minutes in the city. After leaving Scranton the cloudy skies turned to storm clouds and we drove in thunder, lightning, and through one puddle on the highway, I was not sure we were gonna make it through before arriving in downtown Philadelphia. I think of all the places we went Philly is one where even a weekend wouldn't be long enough to fully see the city. Before the rains returned we made sure to stop for a Philly Cheesesteak, saw the Liberty Bell from a distance and looked at come of the amazing historical sights around the city like the oldest street in America, Elfreth's Alley. We ended our day by driving over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge into New Jersey for our Airbnb.  IMG_6629IMG_6629 IMG_6601IMG_6601 IMG_6604IMG_6604 IMG_6618IMG_6618 IMG_6626IMG_6626 IMG_6632IMG_6632 IMG_6644IMG_6644 IMG_6649IMG_6649 IMG_6654-2IMG_6654-2 IMG_6664IMG_6664 IMG_6667-2IMG_6667-2 IMG_6680IMG_6680 IMG_6716IMG_6716 IMG_6722IMG_6722 IMG_6752IMG_6752 IMG_6757IMG_6757 IMG_6745IMG_6745 7C111E46-0460-4356-BE7B-3D1F9437CADB7C111E46-0460-4356-BE7B-3D1F9437CADBProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset IMG_1537 IMG_6787IMG_6787















In hindsight of planning this road trip, we did not take into account that the last day we would be driving from New Jersey back into Detroit. For those of you who don't want to look it up, it's an 8-hour drive. We got up before the sun rose and made our way through Pennsylvania with a small stop for coffee & gas. I will say a drive through all of Pennsylvania is a lot more pleasant than some of the other states I have driven through, Nebraska I'm talking to you. After making our way up into Ohio we stopped for a late lunch at Edgewater Park in Cleveland before the final stretch back into Michigan. An overall uneventful day filed with long conversations and listening to Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift but hey not every day of a road trip can involve being in 3 different states, a flash flood and going to Scranton. I scheduled a "buffer" day from arriving back from our road trip before I had to fly back to Seattle. So Monday was spent relaxing and then hanging out in Detroit before heading to my first Tigers game Comerica Park with my two favorite Michigan residents. A perfect way to end an amazing trip with several of my favorite people.  IMG_6857IMG_6857 IMG_6869IMG_6869 153A6E31-2A7C-4D37-84C4-CC843797D525153A6E31-2A7C-4D37-84C4-CC843797D525Processed with VSCO with t1 preset IMG_6898IMG_6898 IMG_6977IMG_6977 62326AE8-9EDD-445A-BECB-E810FF6692E762326AE8-9EDD-445A-BECB-E810FF6692E7Processed with VSCO with t1 preset D4343FD1-A61E-45C3-90C0-7DAAFDA71EBFD4343FD1-A61E-45C3-90C0-7DAAFDA71EBFProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset 1913DFB8-C16A-42E6-8C42-F5DCA0BACE541913DFB8-C16A-42E6-8C42-F5DCA0BACE54Processed with VSCO with t1 preset DEB8706F-8D85-41BC-8C4E-A01DD11B335EDEB8706F-8D85-41BC-8C4E-A01DD11B335EProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset 7ACD71BC-7F2E-43DE-8260-A780A7FF60C57ACD71BC-7F2E-43DE-8260-A780A7FF60C5Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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