New Orleans 2018

May 01, 2018

4E95C7B2-39EA-4334-B863-31459C10F84B4E95C7B2-39EA-4334-B863-31459C10F84BProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset For starters, I am SO happy we did not go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. We actually arrived four days after Fat Tuesday so much of the aftermath was still up, it just wasn't during the actual carnival season. We had spent quite a bit of time preplanning out (on a ridiculous and amazing google sheet) our 3.5 days in the great city of New Orleans. Honestly, much of our agenda was finding the best food places and experiencing the artistic elements of the city. I flew in from Seattle and Hannah flew in from Detroit on Friday evening. Travel is always a bit exhausting, so Friday was just an Uber ride to our Airbnb and some time finalizing our schedule to get as much out of the trip as possible. A piece of advice when traveling with friends that are coming from different locations: always Always, ALWAYS check when the flights are supposed to land before booking them. Something we mistakenly did not do and I landed a good 3 hours earlier than she did. In case you were wondering, yes I waited for her, I was not about to pay for a 35 minute Uber ride from the airport by myself if I didn't have to. 

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From the start we had many different placed mapped out as great food options, however, we found our favorite places were suggested by out Uber/Lyft drivers. We began with breakfast at Oceana Grill for some mimosas and seafood omelets. Our agenda for the rest of the day was to explore the French Quarter, Jackson Square, The French Market, eat beignets at Café du Monde, get in some people watching on Bourbon Street and find ourselves some more seafood. If you've never been to Jackson Square & The French Market, my best comparison (though not the most accurate) would be Pike Place with the different food vendors, tourist stops and local artists selling their pieces. After wandering around Jackson Square (I picked up a lovely painting) we headed to the ALWAYS long line at Café du Monde. The line does move fairly quickly but is pretty long nonetheless and we easily waited for 30-minutes. Now you may be thinking are the beignets REALLY worth it? The answer is 100% yes. You need to get them from Café du Monde at least once. Moving on from one of the best pastries ever, I think my favorite drink by far was our post-lunch piña coladas from Organic Banana inside the French Market. Since I was coming from a lovely 30ish degrees & snow, 70 and sunny with some humidity is VERY warm in comparison. The piña colada hot the spot for sure. We finished up the day wandering around downtown & dinner at Felix's Restaraunt and Oyster Bar

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DABF6952-005D-4E73-9F7B-F0DFCABF4C62DABF6952-005D-4E73-9F7B-F0DFCABF4C62Processed with VSCO with f2 preset IMG_0974IMG_0974 IMG_0999IMG_0999 IMG_1004IMG_1004 IMG_1008IMG_1008 IMG_1019IMG_1019 IMG_1043IMG_1043 IMG_1078IMG_1078 IMG_1164IMG_1164 IMG_1187IMG_1187 IMG_4814 IMG_4836 IMG_1128IMG_1128 IMG_1191IMG_1191 IMG_1296IMG_1296 IMG_1333IMG_1333 IMG_1353IMG_1353 07662BD3-BE25-4B6F-8930-1D9FB25D240B07662BD3-BE25-4B6F-8930-1D9FB25D240BProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset For our final day in New Orleans, we didn't have much time to explore after breakfast at St. Roch Market but made sure to get get some coffee at a really cool coffee place called Fair Grinds that is completely fair trade coffee, farm to table food and partners with community groups in several countries. Nothing makes me happier than finding these types of business gems when I travel. Our final stop was to make sure we had some poboys before heading back to the airport. It's understandable that nearly everyone who has been to New Orleans says it is one of their favorite places because saying New Orleans is amazing is an understatement. Until next time NOLA!  IMG_1358IMG_1358 IMG_1362IMG_1362 64DD72AF-B6D7-43D0-AEB1-0F9D73A5EBF464DD72AF-B6D7-43D0-AEB1-0F9D73A5EBF4Processed with VSCO with t1 preset E5B13483-5EF9-49CD-87CC-8E48584040B8E5B13483-5EF9-49CD-87CC-8E48584040B8Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

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