Kansas City & OKC

November 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_9266IMG_9266 I have always loved the rushed weekend trip, leaving on a Friday evening & returning to Seattle Sunday afternoon/evening. This particular weekend I got to check of 25, 26, & 27 off my states list. The goal has been to get all 50 checked off before i'm 30 so we're moving along quite nicely. For starters I flew into Kansas City Friday evening and checked into a pretty sweet Airbnb that was also a speakeasy. Saturday morning was spent in the freezing cold (18 degrees freezing cold with even colder wind) & sunny Kansas City before heading on a small road trip to the Great Salt Plains State Park. Seriously, who knew Oklahoma had salt flats? We arrived just in time for a perfect golden hour session before heading further south for the night in OKC. Sunday was spent with the company of an awesome local area photographer Cullen Jones shooting some amazing and fun models throughout the Paseo Arts District. All in all a perfect weekend trip with a mini road trip and tons of amazing photos captured along the way! 

IMG_8981IMG_8981 IMG_8994-2IMG_8994-2 IMG_8994-2IMG_8994-2 IMG_9007IMG_9007 IMG_9034-2IMG_9034-2 IMG_9020IMG_9020 IMG_9052IMG_9052 IMG_9077IMG_9077 IMG_9081IMG_9081 IMG_9068IMG_9068 IMG_9083IMG_9083 IMG_9101IMG_9101 IMG_9129IMG_9129 IMG_9124IMG_9124 IMG_9133IMG_9133 IMG_9141-2IMG_9141-2 IMG_9149IMG_9149 IMG_9161IMG_9161 IMG_9208IMG_9208 IMG_9225IMG_9225 IMG_9198IMG_9198 IMG_9228IMG_9228 IMG_9246IMG_9246 IMG_9248IMG_9248 IMG_9260IMG_9260 IMG_9264IMG_9264 IMG_9280IMG_9280 IMG_9288IMG_9288 IMG_9304IMG_9304 IMG_9312IMG_9312 IMG_9350IMG_9350 IMG_9366IMG_9366 IMG_9367IMG_9367 IMG_9394-2IMG_9394-2 IMG_9398IMG_9398 IMG_9406IMG_9406 IMG_9432IMG_9432 IMG_9434-2IMG_9434-2 IMG_9428IMG_9428 IMG_9461IMG_9461 IMG_9478IMG_9478 IMG_9484IMG_9484 IMG_9492IMG_9492 IMG_9498IMG_9498 IMG_9519IMG_9519 IMG_9513IMG_9513 IMG_9540-3IMG_9540-3 IMG_9554IMG_9554 IMG_9558-2IMG_9558-2 IMG_9574-2IMG_9574-2 IMG_9582IMG_9582 IMG_9590IMG_9590 IMG_9592IMG_9592 IMG_9644IMG_9644 IMG_9662IMG_9662 IMG_9668IMG_9668 IMG_9683IMG_9683 IMG_9685IMG_9685 IMG_9700IMG_9700 IMG_9702IMG_9702 IMG_9706IMG_9706 IMG_9726IMG_9726 IMG_9732IMG_9732 IMG_9737-2IMG_9737-2 IMG_9764IMG_9764 IMG_9770IMG_9770 IMG_9752IMG_9752 IMG_9792IMG_9792 IMG_9824IMG_9824 IMG_9825IMG_9825 IMG_9827IMG_9827 IMG_9841IMG_9841 IMG_9835IMG_9835 IMG_9845-2IMG_9845-2 IMG_9863-2IMG_9863-2 IMG_9881IMG_9881 IMG_9883-2IMG_9883-2 IMG_9885-2IMG_9885-2 IMG_9901IMG_9901 IMG_9908IMG_9908


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