Alex & Abby

October 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


I spent last Saturday with the wonderful Alex & Abby (and sweet little Penny) capturing some current photos of them to celebrate 7 years of marriage. With the unpredictable PNW weather, we lucked out by barely missing the rain that day for a cool blue fall sunset that turned a lovely pink at dusk.  _MG_1656-3_MG_1656-3 _MG_1674-2_MG_1674-2 _MG_1702-2_MG_1702-2 _MG_1737_MG_1737 _MG_1770-2_MG_1770-2 _MG_1813_MG_1813 _MG_1818_MG_1818 _MG_1852-2_MG_1852-2 _MG_1848-2_MG_1848-2 _MG_1860_MG_1860 _MG_1904_MG_1904 _MG_1886_MG_1886 _MG_1862_MG_1862 _MG_1877_MG_1877 _MG_1955-2_MG_1955-2



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