Ireland 2017

January 05, 2018

_MG_6726_MG_6726 Ireland. It's hard to figure out where to start when talking about this trip because looking back it feels like such a whirlwind of moments and a week that only felt like a mere couple of days. I started my trip off with a drive from Seattle up to Abbotsford, I found tickets to Ireland considerably cheaper out of the Vancouver airport than Seattle. On my way up, I made a quick pitstop to catch up with an amazing friend I haven't seen in ages with coffee and dinner. I  Continued onto Field House Brewing Company to meet up with another wonderful friend (bless her soul) who was willing to drive me an hour to the airport EARLY the next morning! 

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My first day in Ireland started with a 3-hour bus ride from Dublin to Cork City where we checked the important things off our list first: coffee at a lovely little place called Soma Coffee Company before heading to Carrigaline where I would be staying with friends the majority of my week there. We kept my first day fairly low key to recover from the travel and relax in Carrigaline before the week began. For me, I have a major pet peeve when traveling; I don't want to do everything a normal tourist would. Yes, of course, some things are tourist attractions because they are downright amazing: for instance, The Cliffs of Moher, The Long Room at Trinity College or the Dingle Peninsula - but I always find my favorite moments seeking out the things a local happens to tell me about. Places that tend to be off the beaten path a little more, or hidden gems that are just overall great ways to experience the culture of where I am traveling.  53F4A119-55C0-4902-9612-BABAE448533453F4A119-55C0-4902-9612-BABAE4485334Processed with VSCO with f2 preset _MG_6490_MG_6490 _MG_6510-2_MG_6510-2 We spent our foggy Sunday morning walking the empty streets of Cork City before picking up our rental car to make our ventures for the next 3 days much simpler for traveling to the coast. After picking up the car and adjusting to being a passenger on the left side of the road and having a driver be on the right side of the car, we were off to a day of wandering in the cute shops throughout Kinsale. Of course, the day included coffee at The Old Bank House and classic fish and chips at Dino's. We also took some time to explore Charles Fort before heading back to Cork City for their Glow Festival to turn on all the Christmas lights in the city.  _MG_6516_MG_6516 _MG_6521_MG_6521 _MG_6523_MG_6523 _MG_6522_MG_6522 _MG_6528_MG_6528 _MG_6540_MG_6540 _MG_6543_MG_6543 _MG_6545_MG_6545 _MG_6548_MG_6548 _MG_6558_MG_6558 _MG_6561_MG_6561 _MG_6565_MG_6565 _MG_6566_MG_6566 _MG_6567-2_MG_6567-2 _MG_6570_MG_6570 35353485-3C06-4DF3-AAF4-1220F34170AE35353485-3C06-4DF3-AAF4-1220F34170AEProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset _MG_6572_MG_6572 _MG_6574_MG_6574 _MG_6587_MG_6587 _MG_6596-2_MG_6596-2 _MG_6602_MG_6602 _MG_6639_MG_6639 _MG_6648_MG_6648 _MG_6661_MG_6661 _MG_6774-2_MG_6774-2 _MG_6762_MG_6762 _MG_6780_MG_6780

41B80FD4-1AD7-4761-987C-50218880D56E41B80FD4-1AD7-4761-987C-50218880D56EProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset 2151627A-BEDF-4016-81E6-9B2F6FD30C4E2151627A-BEDF-4016-81E6-9B2F6FD30C4EProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset _MG_6795_MG_6795 _MG_6801-2_MG_6801-2 _MG_6805_MG_6805 I must say I am no stranger to a good long road trip and this is exactly what Ally and I ended up planning when we chose to spend our day driving from Carrigaline to the Cliffs of Moher then down to Dingle all in one day. I know what you're thinking, where are the photos of the Cliffs?  Well, there aren't any! haha Due to the nature of being on an island in the Atlantic Ocean and being at the end of fall beginning of winter, we were in for some crazy thick fog. Fog so thick that the closer we got to the cliffs the harder it was to see. By the time we arrived and walked over, the cliffs were completely invisible! The day was not lost as we spent a lovely lunch in Ennis (coffee and good food ALWAYS) and who can be opposed to a road trip along Wild Atlantic Way, belting out Disney classics and soaking up every moment you have with a close friend before your inevitable return to The States? _MG_6837_MG_6837 _MG_6875_MG_6875 _MG_6857_MG_6857 Morning in a beach town in the winter clearly means no one is awake until about 11, so Ally and I had a leisurely morning in Dingle going in the shops and had a classic after breakfast snack: Murphy's Ice Cream. Being from Washington, I know we have some shops we are all very proud of - BUT Murphy's puts them all to shame. Every single one of them. It's this glorious, delicious ice cream that's handmade in Dingle with ingredients from pretty much just Ireland. I, of course, got a scoop of their Irish Coffee with whiskey ice cream and a scoop of the Dingle Gin. Trust me when I say I have looked several times to see if it was possible to get the ice cream sent here. Pretty sure you can't. Now the day wasn't all shops and ice cream; after leaving Dingle we made our way to Inch Beach were I as always, made friends with somebody's dog. The day was far from over as we made our way from the windy beach to Killarney. We made our usual coffee run with a quick bite to eat before taking the beautiful windy drive through Killarney National Park.  _MG_6922-2_MG_6922-2 _MG_6926_MG_6926 _MG_6937_MG_6937 _MG_6945_MG_6945 _MG_6942_MG_6942 _MG_6949_MG_6949 _MG_6950_MG_6950 _MG_6953_MG_6953 _MG_6955_MG_6955 02EF1F4B-D165-4CAD-9F4B-7F44A8EE82E102EF1F4B-D165-4CAD-9F4B-7F44A8EE82E1Processed with VSCO with t1 preset   _MG_6957_MG_6957 _MG_6958_MG_6958 _MG_6964_MG_6964 _MG_6962_MG_6962 _MG_6967_MG_6967 _MG_6969_MG_6969 7E7BA5B5-1DCE-43EE-8E2D-A7C268DEA2BD7E7BA5B5-1DCE-43EE-8E2D-A7C268DEA2BDProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset _MG_6975_MG_6975 _MG_6983_MG_6983 _MG_6989_MG_6989 _MG_6995_MG_6995 577BECE8-1201-4F24-B0BA-17819B54442A577BECE8-1201-4F24-B0BA-17819B54442AProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset D957D673-83FD-49F2-B716-E9B8FF7821EBD957D673-83FD-49F2-B716-E9B8FF7821EBProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset _MG_7001_MG_7001 _MG_7015_MG_7015 _MG_7009_MG_7009 7BF1A7F9-9A05-4706-83D6-74BD1131DE487BF1A7F9-9A05-4706-83D6-74BD1131DE48Processed with VSCO with f2 preset 5B0853EE-A4CA-4A8F-A224-E2EAF3DEE0A15B0853EE-A4CA-4A8F-A224-E2EAF3DEE0A1Processed with VSCO with f2 preset _MG_7016_MG_7016 _MG_7017_MG_7017 _MG_7026_MG_7026 _MG_7030_MG_7030 _MG_7033_MG_7033 _MG_7047-2_MG_7047-2 _MG_7050_MG_7050 _MG_7067_MG_7067 _MG_7102_MG_7102 _MG_7089_MG_7089 _MG_7113_MG_7113 _MG_7119_MG_7119 _MG_7128_MG_7128 _MG_7121_MG_7121 _MG_7126_MG_7126 _MG_7132_MG_7132 _MG_7137_MG_7137 _MG_7142_MG_7142 _MG_7139-2_MG_7139-2 _MG_7146_MG_7146 _MG_7159_MG_7159 _MG_7166_MG_7166 _MG_7197_MG_7197 _MG_7233_MG_7233 Since we had just finished up quite a full couple of days, we spent Wednesday in Cork going in a few shops and to English Market getting the needed groceries for our American Thanksgiving in Ireland the next day. On Thursday the heavy rains had stopped and besides making Thanksgiving dinner We only really had one errand to run in Cork. Several months earlier I had emailed a tattoo artist at Love Hate Social Club Tattoo Studio. I had wanted the design for a while and just really loved the artist so it was the perfect timing. We walked around University College Cork and a different part of the city before heading to the shop. I spent about 2.5 hours getting the tattoo before hopping on the bus back to Carrigaline for Thanksgiving dinner. 
_MG_7245_MG_7245 _MG_7248_MG_7248 121E5DB7-0D06-4FCD-8C2E-EE549792480D121E5DB7-0D06-4FCD-8C2E-EE549792480DProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset _MG_7251_MG_7251 _MG_7260_MG_7260 IMG_2129IMG_2129 829BB9DE-1DD8-47F6-864D-B8ED216AD0AB829BB9DE-1DD8-47F6-864D-B8ED216AD0ABProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset Friday morning dawn in Cork was absolutely beautiful. We had a pretty early bus ticket to Dublin where we would be staying the night before my return home. In Dublin, we made sure to go to Trinity College, the Long Room Library, and to look at the Book of Kells exhibit. There is also this extravagant donut shop called Offbeat Donuts. I'm not kidding one of the donuts had Jameson Whiskey filling, and another had a Ferrero Roche literally inside of it. It was glorious. We stayed with some friends in Dublin before my flight bringing a close to an absolutely wonderful first trip to Ireland. I say first trip because there is no way anyone can go just once.   
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