Levi King Ryder//Newborn

July 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Just under a month ago I had the awesome pleasure to do newborn photos of this perfect little man! Today Levi is one month old so what better time for everyone to see a bunch of photos of him at about a week old. If you want to see all the photos just click on any of the images! :) 

IMG_4118IMG_4118 IMG_4105_edited-2IMG_4105_edited-2 IMG_4099_edited-1IMG_4099_edited-1 IMG_4100_edited-1IMG_4100_edited-1 IMG_4102_edited-1IMG_4102_edited-1 IMG_4096IMG_4096 IMG_4090IMG_4090 IMG_4155IMG_4155 IMG_4177_edited-1IMG_4177_edited-1 IMG_4178IMG_4178 IMG_4184_edited-1IMG_4184_edited-1 IMG_4193_edited-1IMG_4193_edited-1 IMG_4196IMG_4196 IMG_4197IMG_4197 IMG_4213_edited-1IMG_4213_edited-1 IMG_4236_edited-1IMG_4236_edited-1 IMG_4214IMG_4214 IMG_4228IMG_4228 IMG_4250IMG_4250


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