Neil Family// Mom&Son Photos

November 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Discovery Park is one of my favorite places to shoot all year round. It doesn't matter the season it's always beautiful! Just before the weather turned into a classic PNW fall I had an amazing Mother/Son session with Megan and her sweet youngest son Henry! I love shooting these kind of more candid sessions rather than strict poses. If you want to see the whole gallery just click on any of the images :) 

IMG_1673IMG_1673 IMG_1574IMG_1574 IMG_1595IMG_1595 IMG_1608_edited-1IMG_1608_edited-1 IMG_1621IMG_1621 IMG_1623IMG_1623 IMG_1650_edited-1IMG_1650_edited-1 IMG_1651IMG_1651 IMG_1739IMG_1739 IMG_1754IMG_1754 IMG_1767IMG_1767 IMG_1778IMG_1778 IMG_1790IMG_1790 IMG_1804_edited-1IMG_1804_edited-1 IMG_1848IMG_1848 IMG_1879_edited-1IMG_1879_edited-1 IMG_1887IMG_1887 IMG_1892IMG_1892


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