Edwards Family 2015

November 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Definitely a wonderful theme this fall has been pumpkin patch photo sessions and I have seriously loved it! The amazingly fun Edwards family is no exception. I loved working with them and doing their family session at a pumpkin patch! See the whole gallery by clicking on any of the photos :) 

IMG_1270IMG_1270 IMG_1291_edited-1IMG_1291_edited-1 IMG_1307_edited-1IMG_1307_edited-1 IMG_1303IMG_1303 IMG_1331IMG_1331 IMG_1392_edited-1IMG_1392_edited-1 IMG_1353IMG_1353 IMG_1378IMG_1378 IMG_1396IMG_1396 IMG_1408IMG_1408 IMG_1427IMG_1427 IMG_1452IMG_1452 IMG_1472IMG_1472 IMG_1509IMG_1509


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