PNW Adventures// Big Four Ice Caves

January 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

No matter the season, the PNW has hiking and beauty all year round. The day after Christmas and to finish off 2014, I did my last hike (or casual walk really) to Big Four Ice Caves. These stunning caves really take your breath away as you approach them and see how massive they really are. There are posted signs warning not to enter the caves for good reason: because of falling chunks of ice and avalanche warning. Entering the caves was not one of my wiser decisions this year. If you go back far enough you will see a small waterfall as well. I am pleased with the pictures that I came out with, however because of the great safety hazard I honestly wouldn't do it again. I took some on 35mm as well but who know when those will get developed. If you want to see the whole gallery just click on any of the images below :) Also if you haven't gone out to Big Four yet, do. Just don't go into the caves, people have gotten trapped inside, not us but other have.  IMG_1022IMG_1022 IMG_1027IMG_1027 IMG_1025IMG_1025 IMG_1046IMG_1046 IMG_1040IMG_1040 IMG_1043IMG_1043 IMG_1066IMG_1066 IMG_1071IMG_1071 IMG_1088IMG_1088 IMG_1096IMG_1096 IMG_1113.2IMG_1113.2 IMG_1123IMG_1123 IMG_1138IMG_1138 IMG_1160IMG_1160


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