Gray Mountain Photography: Blog en-us (C) Gray Mountain Photography (Gray Mountain Photography) Mon, 22 Nov 2021 22:49:00 GMT Mon, 22 Nov 2021 22:49:00 GMT Gray Mountain Photography: Blog 120 80 Drew & Lexi | Wedding 8/21/21 Drew&Lexi-48Drew&Lexi-48 Let's talk about one of my favorite couples on the planet: Lexi & Drew! I loved spending my day with these two and the rest of their friends & family. My second shooter and I had an absolute blast every moment of their day. After over a year of postponed and wedding plans being disrupted it was such a blast to spend a whole day celebrating these two and end the evening with absolutely endless dancing. I'm so happy & excited for these two on their new life journey! 

Drew&Lexi-1Drew&Lexi-1 Drew&Lexi-16Drew&Lexi-16 Drew&Lexi-82Drew&Lexi-82 Drew&Lexi-26Drew&Lexi-26 Drew&Lexi-130Drew&Lexi-130 Drew&Lexi-129Drew&Lexi-129 Drew&Lexi-69Drew&Lexi-69 Drew&Lexi-73Drew&Lexi-73 Drew&Lexi-92Drew&Lexi-92 Drew&Lexi-150Drew&Lexi-150 Drew&Lexi-151Drew&Lexi-151 Drew&Lexi-107Drew&Lexi-107 Drew&Lexi-110Drew&Lexi-110 Drew&Lexi-111Drew&Lexi-111 Drew&Lexi-121Drew&Lexi-121 Drew&Lexi-127Drew&Lexi-127 Drew&Lexi-159Drew&Lexi-159 Drew&Lexi-164Drew&Lexi-164 Drew&Lexi-169Drew&Lexi-169 Drew&Lexi-171Drew&Lexi-171 Drew&Lexi-177Drew&Lexi-177 Drew&Lexi-179Drew&Lexi-179 Drew&Lexi-194Drew&Lexi-194 Drew&Lexi-195Drew&Lexi-195 Drew&Lexi-200Drew&Lexi-200 Drew&Lexi-202Drew&Lexi-202 Drew&Lexi-204Drew&Lexi-204 Drew&Lexi-225Drew&Lexi-225 Drew&Lexi-239Drew&Lexi-239 Drew&Lexi-245Drew&Lexi-245 Drew&Lexi-253Drew&Lexi-253 Drew&Lexi-259Drew&Lexi-259 Drew&Lexi-294Drew&Lexi-294 Drew&Lexi-309Drew&Lexi-309 Drew&Lexi-310Drew&Lexi-310 Drew&Lexi-315Drew&Lexi-315 Drew&Lexi-322Drew&Lexi-322 Drew&Lexi-371Drew&Lexi-371 Drew&Lexi-375Drew&Lexi-375 Drew&Lexi-393Drew&Lexi-393 Drew&Lexi-413Drew&Lexi-413 Drew&Lexi-425Drew&Lexi-425 Drew&Lexi-431Drew&Lexi-431 Drew&Lexi-459Drew&Lexi-459 Drew&Lexi-467Drew&Lexi-467 Drew&Lexi-473Drew&Lexi-473 Drew&Lexi-479Drew&Lexi-479 Drew&Lexi-505Drew&Lexi-505 Drew&Lexi-485Drew&Lexi-485 Drew&Lexi-498Drew&Lexi-498 Drew&Lexi-516Drew&Lexi-516 Drew&Lexi-571Drew&Lexi-571 Drew&Lexi-567Drew&Lexi-567 Drew&Lexi-574Drew&Lexi-574 Drew&Lexi-579Drew&Lexi-579 Drew&Lexi-582Drew&Lexi-582 Drew&Lexi-582-2Drew&Lexi-582-2 Drew&Lexi-597Drew&Lexi-597 Drew&Lexi-591Drew&Lexi-591 Drew&Lexi-604Drew&Lexi-604 Drew&Lexi-608Drew&Lexi-608 Drew&Lexi-613Drew&Lexi-613 Drew&Lexi-617Drew&Lexi-617 Drew&Lexi-622Drew&Lexi-622 Drew&Lexi-630Drew&Lexi-630 Drew&Lexi-650Drew&Lexi-650 Drew&Lexi-651Drew&Lexi-651 Drew&Lexi-653Drew&Lexi-653 Drew&Lexi-657Drew&Lexi-657 Drew&Lexi-732Drew&Lexi-732 Drew&Lexi-735Drew&Lexi-735 Drew&Lexi-661Drew&Lexi-661 Drew&Lexi-666Drew&Lexi-666 Drew&Lexi-668Drew&Lexi-668 Drew&Lexi-726Drew&Lexi-726 Drew&Lexi-741Drew&Lexi-741 Drew&Lexi-744Drew&Lexi-744 Drew&Lexi-713Drew&Lexi-713 Drew&Lexi-725Drew&Lexi-725 Drew&Lexi-755Drew&Lexi-755 Drew&Lexi-760Drew&Lexi-760 Drew&Lexi-762Drew&Lexi-762 Drew&Lexi-768Drew&Lexi-768 Drew&Lexi-779Drew&Lexi-779 Drew&Lexi-815Drew&Lexi-815 Drew&Lexi-843Drew&Lexi-843 Drew&Lexi-845Drew&Lexi-845 Drew&Lexi-859Drew&Lexi-859 Drew&Lexi-867Drew&Lexi-867 Drew&Lexi-870Drew&Lexi-870 Drew&Lexi-872Drew&Lexi-872 Drew&Lexi-880Drew&Lexi-880 Drew&Lexi-890Drew&Lexi-890 Drew&Lexi-885Drew&Lexi-885 Drew&Lexi-886Drew&Lexi-886 Drew&Lexi-898Drew&Lexi-898 Drew&Lexi-902Drew&Lexi-902 Drew&Lexi-908Drew&Lexi-908 Drew&Lexi-938Drew&Lexi-938 Drew&Lexi-945Drew&Lexi-945 Drew&Lexi-966Drew&Lexi-966 Drew&Lexi-968Drew&Lexi-968 Drew&Lexi-969Drew&Lexi-969 Drew&Lexi-981Drew&Lexi-981 Drew&Lexi-998Drew&Lexi-998 Drew&Lexi-990Drew&Lexi-990 Drew&Lexi-996Drew&Lexi-996 Drew&Lexi-1006Drew&Lexi-1006 Drew&Lexi-1008Drew&Lexi-1008 Drew&Lexi-1011Drew&Lexi-1011 Drew&Lexi-1018Drew&Lexi-1018 Drew&Lexi-1025Drew&Lexi-1025 Drew&Lexi-1039Drew&Lexi-1039 Drew&Lexi-1052Drew&Lexi-1052 Drew&Lexi-1066Drew&Lexi-1066 Drew&Lexi-1082Drew&Lexi-1082 Drew&Lexi-1068Drew&Lexi-1068 Drew&Lexi-1072Drew&Lexi-1072 Drew&Lexi-1073Drew&Lexi-1073 Drew&Lexi-1103Drew&Lexi-1103 Drew&Lexi-1112Drew&Lexi-1112 Drew&Lexi-1121Drew&Lexi-1121 Drew&Lexi-1124Drew&Lexi-1124 Drew&Lexi-1090Drew&Lexi-1090 Drew&Lexi-1129Drew&Lexi-1129 Drew&Lexi-1106Drew&Lexi-1106 Drew&Lexi-1110Drew&Lexi-1110 Drew&Lexi-1109Drew&Lexi-1109 Drew&Lexi-1200Drew&Lexi-1200

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Taylor & Abigail | Wedding 8/9/21 IMG_1747IMG_1747

We began the day with a quaint and intimate ceremony performed by the bride's father at their home church. From the exuberant reactions of the groom, family and hilarious actions of the ring bearer it was a perfect ceremony. Upon request Taylor and Abigail requested their bridal portraits be atop of Mount Baker near Artist Point. Let me tell you it was the perfect way to end shooting a stunning wedding day as the clouds rolled back for sunset with this amazing couple! 

IMG_0290IMG_0290 IMG_0310IMG_0310 IMG_0330-2IMG_0330-2 IMG_0354IMG_0354 IMG_0377-2IMG_0377-2 IMG_0403IMG_0403 IMG_0394IMG_0394 IMG_0443IMG_0443 IMG_0448IMG_0448 IMG_0464IMG_0464 IMG_0477-2IMG_0477-2 IMG_0483IMG_0483 IMG_0488IMG_0488 IMG_0496IMG_0496 IMG_0500IMG_0500 IMG_0504IMG_0504 IMG_0534IMG_0534 IMG_0521IMG_0521 IMG_0621IMG_0621 IMG_0720IMG_0720 IMG_0662-2IMG_0662-2 IMG_0747IMG_0747 IMG_0788IMG_0788 IMG_0804IMG_0804 IMG_0852IMG_0852 IMG_0854IMG_0854 IMG_0872-2IMG_0872-2 IMG_0879-2IMG_0879-2 IMG_0885IMG_0885 IMG_0907IMG_0907 IMG_0892IMG_0892 IMG_0901IMG_0901 IMG_0917IMG_0917 IMG_0942IMG_0942 IMG_1057IMG_1057 IMG_1080IMG_1080 IMG_1097IMG_1097 IMG_1142-2IMG_1142-2 IMG_1150IMG_1150 IMG_1261IMG_1261 IMG_1306IMG_1306 IMG_1322IMG_1322 IMG_1348IMG_1348 IMG_1426IMG_1426 IMG_1464IMG_1464 IMG_1504IMG_1504 IMG_1511IMG_1511 IMG_1560IMG_1560 IMG_1669IMG_1669 IMG_1687IMG_1687 IMG_1747IMG_1747 IMG_1762IMG_1762 IMG_1898IMG_1898 IMG_1918IMG_1918 IMG_1920IMG_1920 IMG_1925IMG_1925 IMG_1941IMG_1941

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Curtis & Kaylee | Wedding 11/14/20 Curtis&Kaylee-515Curtis&Kaylee-515 The dream, planning and excitement of this wonderful wedding was many years in the making. From years of friendship to at the end of photographing another wedding in late 2017 Kaylee said "I don't know when I am going to get married to Curtis but you will be the photographer" Well three years later the day was finally here! Kaylee looked absolutely stunning with a groom to match. My second shooter (Matt Roebke) and I had such a blast working with them, their families and the rest of the wedding party! A perfect day for a perfect couple. 

Curtis&Kaylee-13Curtis&Kaylee-13 Curtis&Kaylee-16Curtis&Kaylee-16 Curtis&Kaylee-20Curtis&Kaylee-20 Curtis&Kaylee-25Curtis&Kaylee-25 Curtis&Kaylee-27Curtis&Kaylee-27 Curtis&Kaylee-134Curtis&Kaylee-134 Curtis&Kaylee-6Curtis&Kaylee-6 Curtis&Kaylee-4Curtis&Kaylee-4 Curtis&Kaylee-31Curtis&Kaylee-31 Curtis&Kaylee-144Curtis&Kaylee-144 Curtis&Kaylee-143Curtis&Kaylee-143 Curtis&Kaylee-152Curtis&Kaylee-152 Curtis&Kaylee-148Curtis&Kaylee-148 Curtis&Kaylee-155Curtis&Kaylee-155 Curtis&Kaylee-153Curtis&Kaylee-153 Curtis&Kaylee-154Curtis&Kaylee-154 Curtis&Kaylee-142Curtis&Kaylee-142 Curtis&Kaylee-159Curtis&Kaylee-159 Curtis&Kaylee-163Curtis&Kaylee-163 Curtis&Kaylee-161Curtis&Kaylee-161 Curtis&Kaylee-164Curtis&Kaylee-164 Curtis&Kaylee-160Curtis&Kaylee-160 Curtis&Kaylee-169Curtis&Kaylee-169 Curtis&Kaylee-171Curtis&Kaylee-171 Curtis&Kaylee-384Curtis&Kaylee-384 Curtis&Kaylee-193Curtis&Kaylee-193 Curtis&Kaylee-222Curtis&Kaylee-222 Curtis&Kaylee-220Curtis&Kaylee-220 Curtis&Kaylee-201Curtis&Kaylee-201 Curtis&Kaylee-249Curtis&Kaylee-249 Curtis&Kaylee-246Curtis&Kaylee-246 Curtis&Kaylee-248Curtis&Kaylee-248 Curtis&Kaylee-294Curtis&Kaylee-294 Curtis&Kaylee-296Curtis&Kaylee-296 Curtis&Kaylee-298Curtis&Kaylee-298 Curtis&Kaylee-291Curtis&Kaylee-291 Curtis&Kaylee-322Curtis&Kaylee-322 Curtis&Kaylee-324Curtis&Kaylee-324 Curtis&Kaylee-332Curtis&Kaylee-332 Curtis&Kaylee-334Curtis&Kaylee-334 Curtis&Kaylee-397Curtis&Kaylee-397 Curtis&Kaylee-404Curtis&Kaylee-404 Curtis&Kaylee-410Curtis&Kaylee-410 Curtis&Kaylee-413Curtis&Kaylee-413 Curtis&Kaylee-421Curtis&Kaylee-421 Curtis&Kaylee-426Curtis&Kaylee-426 Curtis&Kaylee-429Curtis&Kaylee-429 Curtis&Kaylee-455Curtis&Kaylee-455 Curtis&Kaylee-471Curtis&Kaylee-471 Curtis&Kaylee-499Curtis&Kaylee-499 Curtis&Kaylee-504Curtis&Kaylee-504 Curtis&Kaylee-502Curtis&Kaylee-502 Curtis&Kaylee-506Curtis&Kaylee-506 Curtis&Kaylee-509Curtis&Kaylee-509 Curtis&Kaylee-554Curtis&Kaylee-554 Curtis&Kaylee-567Curtis&Kaylee-567 Curtis&Kaylee-582Curtis&Kaylee-582 Curtis&Kaylee-625Curtis&Kaylee-625 Curtis&Kaylee-650Curtis&Kaylee-650 Curtis&Kaylee-658Curtis&Kaylee-658 Curtis&Kaylee-711Curtis&Kaylee-711 Curtis&Kaylee-731Curtis&Kaylee-731 Curtis&Kaylee-725Curtis&Kaylee-725 Curtis&Kaylee-917Curtis&Kaylee-917 Curtis&Kaylee-921Curtis&Kaylee-921 Curtis&Kaylee-924Curtis&Kaylee-924 Curtis&Kaylee-929Curtis&Kaylee-929 Curtis&Kaylee-932Curtis&Kaylee-932 Curtis&Kaylee-936Curtis&Kaylee-936 Curtis&Kaylee-940Curtis&Kaylee-940 Curtis&Kaylee-937Curtis&Kaylee-937 Curtis&Kaylee-948Curtis&Kaylee-948 Curtis&Kaylee-955Curtis&Kaylee-955 Curtis&Kaylee-956Curtis&Kaylee-956 Curtis&Kaylee-965Curtis&Kaylee-965 Curtis&Kaylee-971Curtis&Kaylee-971 Curtis&Kaylee-977Curtis&Kaylee-977 Curtis&Kaylee-979Curtis&Kaylee-979 Curtis&Kaylee-1040Curtis&Kaylee-1040 Curtis&Kaylee-1078Curtis&Kaylee-1078 Curtis&Kaylee-1084Curtis&Kaylee-1084 Curtis&Kaylee-1062Curtis&Kaylee-1062 Curtis&Kaylee-1049Curtis&Kaylee-1049 Curtis&Kaylee-1089Curtis&Kaylee-1089 Curtis&Kaylee-1098Curtis&Kaylee-1098 Curtis&Kaylee-1110Curtis&Kaylee-1110 Curtis&Kaylee-1116Curtis&Kaylee-1116 Curtis&Kaylee-1132Curtis&Kaylee-1132 Curtis&Kaylee-1131Curtis&Kaylee-1131 Curtis&Kaylee-1135Curtis&Kaylee-1135 Curtis&Kaylee-1147Curtis&Kaylee-1147 Curtis&Kaylee-1215Curtis&Kaylee-1215 Curtis&Kaylee-1218Curtis&Kaylee-1218 Curtis&Kaylee-1234Curtis&Kaylee-1234 Curtis&Kaylee-1239Curtis&Kaylee-1239 Curtis&Kaylee-1243Curtis&Kaylee-1243 Curtis&Kaylee-1277Curtis&Kaylee-1277 Curtis&Kaylee-1311Curtis&Kaylee-1311 Curtis&Kaylee-1312Curtis&Kaylee-1312 Curtis&Kaylee-1387Curtis&Kaylee-1387 Curtis&Kaylee-1379Curtis&Kaylee-1379 Curtis&Kaylee-1392Curtis&Kaylee-1392 Curtis&Kaylee-1393Curtis&Kaylee-1393 Curtis&Kaylee-1398Curtis&Kaylee-1398 Curtis&Kaylee-1406Curtis&Kaylee-1406 Curtis&Kaylee-1410Curtis&Kaylee-1410 Curtis&Kaylee-1441Curtis&Kaylee-1441 Curtis&Kaylee-1445Curtis&Kaylee-1445 Curtis&Kaylee-1455Curtis&Kaylee-1455 Curtis&Kaylee-1458Curtis&Kaylee-1458 Curtis&Kaylee-1494Curtis&Kaylee-1494 Curtis&Kaylee-1495Curtis&Kaylee-1495 Curtis&Kaylee-1496Curtis&Kaylee-1496 Curtis&Kaylee-1505Curtis&Kaylee-1505 Curtis&Kaylee-1525Curtis&Kaylee-1525 Curtis&Kaylee-1528Curtis&Kaylee-1528 Curtis&Kaylee-1533Curtis&Kaylee-1533 Curtis&Kaylee-1531Curtis&Kaylee-1531 Curtis&Kaylee-1537Curtis&Kaylee-1537 Curtis&Kaylee-1540Curtis&Kaylee-1540 Curtis&Kaylee-1541Curtis&Kaylee-1541 Curtis&Kaylee-1551Curtis&Kaylee-1551 Curtis&Kaylee-1554Curtis&Kaylee-1554

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Brandon & Danyell | Wedding 9/12/20 Brandon&Danyell-597Brandon&Danyell-597

About a year and a half ago i spent a stunning sunny afternoon with Brandon & Danyell taking their engagement photos. I absolutely love this couple and it's such a great feeling to finally get to celebrate their wedding day this past fall! It was a true joy and pleasure to spend the day capturing Brandon and Danyell with their family and friends. They are an unbelievably fun couple & had an absolutely amazing day! 

Brandon&Danyell-4Brandon&Danyell-4 Brandon&Danyell-9Brandon&Danyell-9 Brandon&Danyell-29Brandon&Danyell-29 Brandon&Danyell-35Brandon&Danyell-35 Brandon&Danyell-38Brandon&Danyell-38 Brandon&Danyell-39Brandon&Danyell-39 Brandon&Danyell-37Brandon&Danyell-37 Brandon&Danyell-72Brandon&Danyell-72 Brandon&Danyell-80Brandon&Danyell-80 Brandon&Danyell-75Brandon&Danyell-75 Brandon&Danyell-82Brandon&Danyell-82 Brandon&Danyell-92Brandon&Danyell-92 Brandon&Danyell-117Brandon&Danyell-117 Brandon&Danyell-152Brandon&Danyell-152 Brandon&Danyell-156Brandon&Danyell-156 Brandon&Danyell-165Brandon&Danyell-165 Brandon&Danyell-188Brandon&Danyell-188 Brandon&Danyell-170Brandon&Danyell-170 Brandon&Danyell-193Brandon&Danyell-193 Brandon&Danyell-209Brandon&Danyell-209 Brandon&Danyell-212Brandon&Danyell-212 Brandon&Danyell-213Brandon&Danyell-213 Brandon&Danyell-215Brandon&Danyell-215 Brandon&Danyell-217Brandon&Danyell-217 Brandon&Danyell-219Brandon&Danyell-219 Brandon&Danyell-222Brandon&Danyell-222 Brandon&Danyell-227Brandon&Danyell-227 Brandon&Danyell-229Brandon&Danyell-229 Brandon&Danyell-230Brandon&Danyell-230 Brandon&Danyell-235Brandon&Danyell-235 Brandon&Danyell-240Brandon&Danyell-240 Brandon&Danyell-242Brandon&Danyell-242 Brandon&Danyell-249Brandon&Danyell-249 Brandon&Danyell-245Brandon&Danyell-245 Brandon&Danyell-247Brandon&Danyell-247 Brandon&Danyell-250Brandon&Danyell-250 Brandon&Danyell-251Brandon&Danyell-251 Brandon&Danyell-255Brandon&Danyell-255 Brandon&Danyell-258Brandon&Danyell-258 Brandon&Danyell-307Brandon&Danyell-307 Brandon&Danyell-313Brandon&Danyell-313 Brandon&Danyell-317Brandon&Danyell-317 Brandon&Danyell-328Brandon&Danyell-328 Brandon&Danyell-327Brandon&Danyell-327 Brandon&Danyell-335Brandon&Danyell-335 Brandon&Danyell-344Brandon&Danyell-344 Brandon&Danyell-350Brandon&Danyell-350 Brandon&Danyell-351Brandon&Danyell-351 Brandon&Danyell-353Brandon&Danyell-353 Brandon&Danyell-359Brandon&Danyell-359 Brandon&Danyell-361Brandon&Danyell-361 Brandon&Danyell-364Brandon&Danyell-364 Brandon&Danyell-370Brandon&Danyell-370 Brandon&Danyell-384Brandon&Danyell-384 Brandon&Danyell-388Brandon&Danyell-388 Brandon&Danyell-425Brandon&Danyell-425 Brandon&Danyell-431Brandon&Danyell-431 Brandon&Danyell-434Brandon&Danyell-434 Brandon&Danyell-479Brandon&Danyell-479 Brandon&Danyell-508Brandon&Danyell-508 Brandon&Danyell-530Brandon&Danyell-530 Brandon&Danyell-545Brandon&Danyell-545 Brandon&Danyell-550Brandon&Danyell-550 Brandon&Danyell-555Brandon&Danyell-555 Brandon&Danyell-587Brandon&Danyell-587 Brandon&Danyell-601-2Brandon&Danyell-601-2 Brandon&Danyell-607Brandon&Danyell-607 Brandon&Danyell-621Brandon&Danyell-621 Brandon&Danyell-628Brandon&Danyell-628 Brandon&Danyell-631Brandon&Danyell-631 Brandon&Danyell-735Brandon&Danyell-735 Brandon&Danyell-647Brandon&Danyell-647 Brandon&Danyell-655Brandon&Danyell-655 Brandon&Danyell-657Brandon&Danyell-657 Brandon&Danyell-776Brandon&Danyell-776 Brandon&Danyell-791Brandon&Danyell-791 Brandon&Danyell-792Brandon&Danyell-792 Brandon&Danyell-800Brandon&Danyell-800 Brandon&Danyell-805Brandon&Danyell-805 Brandon&Danyell-806Brandon&Danyell-806 Brandon&Danyell-808Brandon&Danyell-808 Brandon&Danyell-810Brandon&Danyell-810 Brandon&Danyell-813Brandon&Danyell-813 Brandon&Danyell-818Brandon&Danyell-818 Brandon&Danyell-821Brandon&Danyell-821 Brandon&Danyell-754Brandon&Danyell-754

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Connor & Janelle | Wedding 8/29/20 Connor&Janelle-753Connor&Janelle-753 The 29th was an absolute perfect day for an August wedding. With weddings not quite the same as they have been in years past, Connor & Janelles wedding was a stunning love filled day that was truly filled with perfect moments. From happy tears to lots of laughter I had such a blast getting to know this amazing couple and their families. Even more I adored capturing their day and memories! 

Connor&Janelle-8Connor&Janelle-8 Connor&Janelle-2Connor&Janelle-2 Connor&Janelle-17Connor&Janelle-17 Connor&Janelle-35Connor&Janelle-35 Connor&Janelle-38Connor&Janelle-38 Connor&Janelle-40Connor&Janelle-40 Connor&Janelle-61Connor&Janelle-61 Connor&Janelle-64Connor&Janelle-64 Connor&Janelle-79Connor&Janelle-79 Connor&Janelle-85Connor&Janelle-85 Connor&Janelle-93Connor&Janelle-93 Connor&Janelle-119Connor&Janelle-119 Connor&Janelle-120Connor&Janelle-120 Connor&Janelle-130Connor&Janelle-130 Connor&Janelle-160Connor&Janelle-160 Connor&Janelle-163Connor&Janelle-163 Connor&Janelle-202Connor&Janelle-202 Connor&Janelle-167Connor&Janelle-167 Connor&Janelle-258Connor&Janelle-258 Connor&Janelle-265Connor&Janelle-265 Connor&Janelle-273Connor&Janelle-273 Connor&Janelle-275Connor&Janelle-275 Connor&Janelle-299Connor&Janelle-299 Connor&Janelle-324Connor&Janelle-324 Connor&Janelle-328Connor&Janelle-328 Connor&Janelle-335Connor&Janelle-335 Connor&Janelle-340Connor&Janelle-340 Connor&Janelle-341Connor&Janelle-341 Connor&Janelle-365Connor&Janelle-365 Connor&Janelle-370Connor&Janelle-370 Connor&Janelle-383Connor&Janelle-383 Connor&Janelle-390Connor&Janelle-390 Connor&Janelle-410Connor&Janelle-410 Connor&Janelle-430Connor&Janelle-430 Connor&Janelle-441Connor&Janelle-441 Connor&Janelle-454Connor&Janelle-454 Connor&Janelle-448Connor&Janelle-448 Connor&Janelle-461Connor&Janelle-461 Connor&Janelle-468Connor&Janelle-468 Connor&Janelle-486Connor&Janelle-486 Connor&Janelle-491Connor&Janelle-491 Connor&Janelle-500Connor&Janelle-500 Connor&Janelle-507Connor&Janelle-507 Connor&Janelle-508Connor&Janelle-508 Connor&Janelle-528Connor&Janelle-528 Connor&Janelle-572Connor&Janelle-572 Connor&Janelle-583Connor&Janelle-583 Connor&Janelle-608Connor&Janelle-608 Connor&Janelle-637Connor&Janelle-637 Connor&Janelle-640Connor&Janelle-640 Connor&Janelle-650Connor&Janelle-650 Connor&Janelle-653Connor&Janelle-653 Connor&Janelle-657Connor&Janelle-657 Connor&Janelle-713Connor&Janelle-713 Connor&Janelle-679Connor&Janelle-679 Connor&Janelle-734Connor&Janelle-734 Connor&Janelle-740Connor&Janelle-740 Connor&Janelle-759Connor&Janelle-759 Connor&Janelle-763Connor&Janelle-763 Connor&Janelle-824Connor&Janelle-824 Connor&Janelle-836Connor&Janelle-836 Connor&Janelle-840Connor&Janelle-840 Connor&Janelle-841Connor&Janelle-841 Connor&Janelle-868Connor&Janelle-868 Connor&Janelle-952Connor&Janelle-952 Connor&Janelle-956Connor&Janelle-956 Connor&Janelle-976Connor&Janelle-976 Connor&Janelle-985Connor&Janelle-985 Connor&Janelle-969Connor&Janelle-969 Connor&Janelle-995Connor&Janelle-995 Connor&Janelle-998Connor&Janelle-998 Connor&Janelle-1014Connor&Janelle-1014 Connor&Janelle-1029Connor&Janelle-1029 Connor&Janelle-1039Connor&Janelle-1039 Connor&Janelle-1041Connor&Janelle-1041 Connor&Janelle-1043Connor&Janelle-1043 Connor&Janelle-1046Connor&Janelle-1046 Connor&Janelle-1055Connor&Janelle-1055 Connor&Janelle-1049Connor&Janelle-1049 Connor&Janelle-1093Connor&Janelle-1093 Connor&Janelle-1099Connor&Janelle-1099 Connor&Janelle-1108Connor&Janelle-1108 Connor&Janelle-1133Connor&Janelle-1133 Connor&Janelle-1129Connor&Janelle-1129 Connor&Janelle-1140Connor&Janelle-1140 Connor&Janelle-1169Connor&Janelle-1169 Connor&Janelle-1193Connor&Janelle-1193 Connor&Janelle-1211Connor&Janelle-1211 Connor&Janelle-1217Connor&Janelle-1217 Connor&Janelle-1246Connor&Janelle-1246 Connor&Janelle-1253Connor&Janelle-1253

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Gage & Megan | Wedding 8/3/19 Gage&Megan-633Gage&Megan-633 These two were some next level cuteness on their early August wedding day! From the adorable first look, the amazingly fun bridal party, absolutely lovely ceremony to the lively reception Gage & Megan's day was nothing short of perfect. I had such a blast capturing their day, easily one of my favorite weddings. It truly was the best day to celebrate their love! 

Gage&Megan -3Gage&Megan -3 Gage&Megan -13Gage&Megan -13 Gage&Megan -16Gage&Megan -16 Gage&Megan -37Gage&Megan -37 Gage&Megan -38Gage&Megan -38 Gage&Megan -44Gage&Megan -44 Gage&Megan -52Gage&Megan -52 Gage&Megan -62Gage&Megan -62 Gage&Megan -86Gage&Megan -86 Gage&Megan -95Gage&Megan -95 Gage&Megan -97Gage&Megan -97 Gage&Megan -102Gage&Megan -102 Gage&Megan -103Gage&Megan -103 Gage&Megan -109Gage&Megan -109 Gage&Megan -127Gage&Megan -127 Gage&Megan -185Gage&Megan -185 Gage&Megan -197Gage&Megan -197 Gage&Megan -207Gage&Megan -207 Gage&Megan -210Gage&Megan -210 Gage&Megan -273Gage&Megan -273 Gage&Megan -276Gage&Megan -276 Gage&Megan -229Gage&Megan -229 Gage&Megan -227Gage&Megan -227 Gage&Megan -296Gage&Megan -296 Gage&Megan-345-2Gage&Megan-345-2 Gage&Megan-348Gage&Megan-348 Gage&Megan-377Gage&Megan-377 Gage&Megan-385Gage&Megan-385 Gage&Megan-403Gage&Megan-403 Gage&Megan-409Gage&Megan-409 Gage&Megan-409-2Gage&Megan-409-2 Gage&Megan-417Gage&Megan-417 Gage&Megan-435Gage&Megan-435 Gage&Megan-446Gage&Megan-446 Gage&Megan-472Gage&Megan-472 Gage&Megan-481-2Gage&Megan-481-2 Gage&Megan-498Gage&Megan-498 Gage&Megan-499Gage&Megan-499 Gage&Megan-504Gage&Megan-504 Gage&Megan-507Gage&Megan-507 Gage&Megan-512Gage&Megan-512 Gage&Megan-517Gage&Megan-517 Gage&Megan-524Gage&Megan-524 Gage&Megan-528Gage&Megan-528 Gage&Megan-529Gage&Megan-529 Gage&Megan-532Gage&Megan-532 Gage&Megan-565Gage&Megan-565 Gage&Megan-566Gage&Megan-566 Gage&Megan-625Gage&Megan-625 Gage&Megan-611Gage&Megan-611 Gage&Megan-666Gage&Megan-666 Gage&Megan-667Gage&Megan-667 Gage&Megan-692Gage&Megan-692 Gage&Megan-718Gage&Megan-718 Gage&Megan-733Gage&Megan-733 Gage&Megan-739Gage&Megan-739 Gage&Megan-761Gage&Megan-761 Gage&Megan-771Gage&Megan-771 Gage&Megan-801Gage&Megan-801 Gage&Megan-790Gage&Megan-790 Gage&Megan-812Gage&Megan-812 Gage&Megan-829Gage&Megan-829 Gage&Megan-858Gage&Megan-858 Gage&Megan-889Gage&Megan-889 Gage&Megan-892Gage&Megan-892 Gage&Megan-893Gage&Megan-893 Gage&Megan-914Gage&Megan-914 Gage&Megan-931Gage&Megan-931 Gage&Megan-936Gage&Megan-936 Gage&Megan-940Gage&Megan-940 Gage&Megan-943Gage&Megan-943 Gage&Megan-977Gage&Megan-977 Gage&Megan-996Gage&Megan-996 Gage&Megan-1004Gage&Megan-1004 Gage&Megan-1027Gage&Megan-1027 Gage&Megan-1046Gage&Megan-1046 Gage&Megan-1056Gage&Megan-1056 Gage&Megan-1058Gage&Megan-1058 Gage&Megan-1059Gage&Megan-1059 Gage&Megan-1062Gage&Megan-1062 Gage&Megan-1067Gage&Megan-1067 Gage&Megan-1068Gage&Megan-1068 Gage&Megan-1085Gage&Megan-1085 Gage&Megan-1087Gage&Megan-1087 Gage&Megan-1135Gage&Megan-1135 Gage&Megan-1174Gage&Megan-1174 Gage&Megan-1175Gage&Megan-1175 Gage&Megan-1287Gage&Megan-1287 Gage&Megan-1311Gage&Megan-1311 Gage&Megan-1423Gage&Megan-1423 Gage&Megan-1182Gage&Megan-1182 Gage&Megan-1209Gage&Megan-1209 Gage&Megan-1220Gage&Megan-1220 Gage&Megan-1229Gage&Megan-1229 Gage&Megan-1249Gage&Megan-1249 Gage&Megan-1245Gage&Megan-1245 Gage&Megan-1246Gage&Megan-1246 Gage&Megan-1448Gage&Megan-1448

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Jeramy & Jennika | Wedding 6/13/20 Jeramy&Jennika-9Jeramy&Jennika-9 "Not everything will go according to plan on your wedding day and that's ok! It's still your day and everything will work out" I often find myself Saying this to brides as their day approaches. What I truly never fathomed was how the meaning would change for my 2020 brides. On an absolute stunning Saturday this June I wandered the beach of Seabrook, WA with the beautiful bride Jennika and her sweet groom Jeramy.

Their day did not go as planned and that was ok. The day was full of big smiles, happy tears and so so so much love. I felt myself smile all day as I had the joy of capturing the small beach ceremony and photos of the newly married couple. Life is crazy but none of that truly matters when you're with your person like these two clearly are. A wonderful couple, wedding and day. 

Jeramy&Jennika-5Jeramy&Jennika-5 Jeramy&Jennika-4Jeramy&Jennika-4 Jeramy&Jennika-6Jeramy&Jennika-6 Jeramy&Jennika-327Jeramy&Jennika-327 Jeramy&Jennika-15Jeramy&Jennika-15 Jeramy&Jennika-23Jeramy&Jennika-23 Jeramy&Jennika-32Jeramy&Jennika-32 Jeramy&Jennika-33Jeramy&Jennika-33 Jeramy&Jennika-41Jeramy&Jennika-41 Jeramy&Jennika-45Jeramy&Jennika-45 Jeramy&Jennika-55Jeramy&Jennika-55 Jeramy&Jennika-80Jeramy&Jennika-80 Jeramy&Jennika-88Jeramy&Jennika-88 Jeramy&Jennika-90Jeramy&Jennika-90 Jeramy&Jennika-115Jeramy&Jennika-115 Jeramy&Jennika-125Jeramy&Jennika-125 Jeramy&Jennika-140Jeramy&Jennika-140 Jeramy&Jennika-141Jeramy&Jennika-141 Jeramy&Jennika-152Jeramy&Jennika-152 Jeramy&Jennika-155Jeramy&Jennika-155 Jeramy&Jennika-167Jeramy&Jennika-167 Jeramy&Jennika-191Jeramy&Jennika-191 Jeramy&Jennika-202Jeramy&Jennika-202 Jeramy&Jennika-206Jeramy&Jennika-206 Jeramy&Jennika-352Jeramy&Jennika-352 Jeramy&Jennika-214Jeramy&Jennika-214 Jeramy&Jennika-217Jeramy&Jennika-217 Jeramy&Jennika-233Jeramy&Jennika-233 Jeramy&Jennika-239Jeramy&Jennika-239 Jeramy&Jennika-243Jeramy&Jennika-243 Jeramy&Jennika-252Jeramy&Jennika-252 Jeramy&Jennika-264Jeramy&Jennika-264 Jeramy&Jennika-271Jeramy&Jennika-271

Jeramy&Jennika-285Jeramy&Jennika-285 Jeramy&Jennika-291Jeramy&Jennika-291 Jeramy&Jennika-309Jeramy&Jennika-309 Jeramy&Jennika-314Jeramy&Jennika-314 Jeramy&Jennika-322Jeramy&Jennika-322 Jeramy&Jennika-366Jeramy&Jennika-366

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Brian & Holly | Engagement IMG_4748IMG_4748 In the heart of quarantine crazy I spent a Saturday afternoon with one of my favorite couples. Literally nothing can make these two and their pop any less cute. We had planned months prior to take Holly & Brian's engagement photos down on Pike Place and decided to not let the shutdown dampen ar plans but instead take advantage of the cleared out streets and sidewalks. Additionally, who wouldn't want her new pop to take part in the festivities? I can't wait for next spring to get to photograph their amazing wedding day!
IMG_4742IMG_4742 IMG_4792IMG_4792 IMG_4846-2IMG_4846-2 IMG_4859IMG_4859 IMG_4860IMG_4860 IMG_4915IMG_4915 IMG_4944IMG_4944 IMG_4963IMG_4963 IMG_5027IMG_5027 IMG_5067IMG_5067 IMG_5089IMG_5089

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Makalya Jones | First Birthday IMG_8938IMG_8938

On my heart, I just loved my afternoon with sweet Makalya and her amazing parents. From the sweet smile to the hilarious expressions she is nothing short of perfect. I look forward to the coming years of seeing you become you. 

IMG_8962IMG_8962 IMG_8994IMG_8994 IMG_8980IMG_8980 IMG_9010IMG_9010 IMG_9064IMG_9064 IMG_9099IMG_9099 IMG_9184IMG_9184 IMG_9192IMG_9192 IMG_9242IMG_9242 IMG_9251IMG_9251
IMG_9319IMG_9319 IMG_9362IMG_9362 IMG_9384IMG_9384 IMG_9388IMG_9388 IMG_9390IMG_9390

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Europe 2019 | Part 3 | Norway IMG_3090IMG_3090 After our last afternoon in Ireland we hopped on the last main leg of our journey to Norway where after a few days we would part ways leaving Margo in Norway for the next eight-ish months and I would return home. We started out first "day" in Oslo after landing trying to figure out busses/trains to our airbnb before getting a very late and pricy taxi to our airbnb just outside the city. The next few days that followed consisted of spending time in Oslo, exploring the city and figuring out public transit. While my time in Norway was fairly short I loved it and can't wait to return in the near future! 

IMG_3091IMG_3091 IMG_3106IMG_3106 IMG_3110IMG_3110 IMG_3169IMG_3169 IMG_3172IMG_3172 IMG_3176IMG_3176 IMG_3173IMG_3173 IMG_3183IMG_3183 IMG_3187IMG_3187 IMG_3191IMG_3191 IMG_3201IMG_3201 IMG_3219IMG_3219 IMG_3226IMG_3226 IMG_3235IMG_3235 IMG_3254IMG_3254 IMG_3258IMG_3258 IMG_3265IMG_3265 IMG_3278IMG_3278 IMG_3316-2IMG_3316-2 IMG_3328-2IMG_3328-2 IMG_3383IMG_3383 IMG_3324IMG_3324 IMG_3409IMG_3409 IMG_3393IMG_3393 IMG_3416IMG_3416 IMG_3418IMG_3418 IMG_3439IMG_3439 IMG_3443IMG_3443 IMG_3441IMG_3441

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Europe 2019 | Part 2 | Ireland IMG_0001IMG_0001

We started our first week in Ireland bouncing between Cobh wandering the waterfront, shops and just overall enjoying that it had to offer amongst the company of good friends, Midleton and the area surrounding our airbnb and exploring much of what Cork had to offer from a Cork FC game, pubs, shops and my usual in numerous coffee stop to then taking the bus to spend the day in Kinsale. 

IMG_0050IMG_0050 IMG_0016IMG_0016 IMG_0114IMG_0114 IMG_0102IMG_0102 IMG_0126IMG_0126 IMG_0135-2IMG_0135-2 IMG_0132IMG_0132 IMG_0150IMG_0150 IMG_0144IMG_0144 IMG_0155IMG_0155 IMG_0168IMG_0168 IMG_0178IMG_0178 IMG_0172IMG_0172 IMG_0198IMG_0198

IMG_0237IMG_0237 IMG_0251IMG_0251 IMG_0254IMG_0254 IMG_0276IMG_0276 IMG_0290IMG_0290 IMG_0296IMG_0296 IMG_0315-2IMG_0315-2 IMG_0328IMG_0328 IMG_0350IMG_0350 IMG_0333IMG_0333 IMG_0382IMG_0382 IMG_0404IMG_0404 IMG_0394IMG_0394 IMG_0400IMG_0400 IMG_0478IMG_0478 IMG_0516IMG_0516 IMG_0517IMG_0517 IMG_0570IMG_0570 IMG_0554IMG_0554 IMG_0575IMG_0575 IMG_0576IMG_0576 IMG_0577IMG_0577 IMG_0603IMG_0603 IMG_0594IMG_0594 IMG_0606-2IMG_0606-2 IMG_0627-EditIMG_0627-Edit IMG_0661IMG_0661 IMG_0664IMG_0664 IMG_0668IMG_0668 IMG_0673IMG_0673 IMG_0678IMG_0678

We moved on from out weekish in county Cork by picking up a loaner car, yes it was a manual righthand drive car, then headed north to the Cliffs of Moher and a night in Galway. After our night in Galway with the coolest Airbnb hosts on the planet, we drove through the countryside of Ireland into Northern Ireland and stopped for the evening in Belfast. Our day in Belfast consisted of spending the day at the Belfast Zoo and then making our way to our final stop: Dublin. 

IMG_0695IMG_0695 IMG_0693IMG_0693 IMG_0718IMG_0718 IMG_0745IMG_0745 IMG_0757IMG_0757 IMG_0789IMG_0789 _MG_2815_MG_2815 IMG_0804IMG_0804 _MG_2876_MG_2876 IMG_0832IMG_0832 IMG_0835IMG_0835 IMG_1000IMG_1000 IMG_1099IMG_1099 IMG_1133IMG_1133 IMG_1277IMG_1277 IMG_1837IMG_1837 IMG_1790IMG_1790 IMG_1798IMG_1798 IMG_1899-2IMG_1899-2 IMG_1895IMG_1895 IMG_1961IMG_1961 _MG_3358_MG_3358 IMG_2112IMG_2112 IMG_2092IMG_2092 IMG_2144IMG_2144 After returning our loaner car and getting settled in Dublin we spent the next day and a half exploring the city and enjoying our final time in Ireland before hopping a very short flight to out final destination: Oslo, Norway. 

IMG_2178IMG_2178 IMG_2184-3IMG_2184-3 IMG_2186IMG_2186 IMG_2189IMG_2189 IMG_2190IMG_2190 IMG_2192IMG_2192 IMG_2193IMG_2193 IMG_2194IMG_2194 IMG_2204IMG_2204 IMG_2205IMG_2205 IMG_2211IMG_2211 IMG_2214IMG_2214 IMG_2222-2IMG_2222-2 IMG_2217IMG_2217

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Curtis & Kaylee | Engagement IMG_4315IMG_4315 I have known this stunning bride-to-be for many many years and honestly nothing made my heart happier than getting to spend a fall morning with Kaylee and her wonderful fiancé taking their engagement photos. We've had the the most stunning fall colors and those fall colors really took a backseat to the cuteness of this amazing couple! I can't wait for their perfect late fall wedding in 2020! 

IMG_4195IMG_4195 IMG_4205IMG_4205 IMG_4263IMG_4263 IMG_4298IMG_4298 IMG_4345IMG_4345 IMG_4375IMG_4375 IMG_4391IMG_4391 IMG_4393IMG_4393 IMG_4415IMG_4415 IMG_4439IMG_4439 IMG_4561IMG_4561 IMG_4571IMG_4571 IMG_4584IMG_4584 IMG_4539IMG_4539 IMG_4626IMG_4626 IMG_4645IMG_4645 IMG_4654-2IMG_4654-2 IMG_4666IMG_4666 IMG_4673IMG_4673 IMG_4677IMG_4677 IMG_4681IMG_4681 IMG_4701IMG_4701 IMG_4730IMG_4730 IMG_4738IMG_4738 IMG_4765IMG_4765 IMG_4695IMG_4695

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Jones Family 2019 IMG_5148IMG_5148 I love the precious adorable family! They're always down for an adventurous location and no matter when we plan photos we seem to catch some classic PNW rain. This year's session we had the amazing addition of the sweet little Makayla. Nothing better than a morning session with a little rain and the sweetest family to capture some fall colors and if you're lucky a little smile from Makayla. 

IMG_5166-2IMG_5166-2 IMG_5188IMG_5188 IMG_5206IMG_5206 IMG_5266IMG_5266 IMG_5312IMG_5312 IMG_5406IMG_5406

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David & Kimmy | Home Coming 2019 IMG_3458IMG_3458 IMG_3464-2IMG_3464-2





















I think the best possible way to spend a Tuesday afternoon was waiting with this beauty to be reunited with her husband after 6 months. I adore this sweet couple and always enjoy every moment spend capturing their life. From David's arrival with Kimmy adorably running to greet him followed by their sweet pup losing his mind when they arrived home. There's really nothing better. 

IMG_3472IMG_3472 IMG_3483IMG_3483 IMG_3485IMG_3485 IMG_3495-2IMG_3495-2 IMG_3513IMG_3513 IMG_3523IMG_3523 IMG_3524IMG_3524 IMG_3525IMG_3525 IMG_3527IMG_3527 IMG_3529IMG_3529 IMG_3534IMG_3534 IMG_3544IMG_3544 IMG_3545-2IMG_3545-2 IMG_3564IMG_3564 IMG_3567IMG_3567 IMG_3578-2IMG_3578-2 IMG_3598-2IMG_3598-2






IMG_3606IMG_3606 IMG_3609IMG_3609 IMG_3611IMG_3611 IMG_3631-2IMG_3631-2 IMG_3633-2IMG_3633-2 IMG_3622IMG_3622

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Joe & Malerie Wedding | July 13th, 2019 Joe&Malerie-199Joe&Malerie-199 Talk about a stunning July day! I had a blast spending my Saturday photographing Joe and Malerie as they celebrated their wedding day. From the stunning decor & layout of Winding Path Gardens to the unbelievably beautiful Bride it was a perfect day. We started our day with the cutest first look reaction from Joe seeing his stunning bride, from there to the perfect little ceremony and onto the the reception full of laughter, dancing and the perfect way to celebrate a perfect couple! 

Joe&Malerie-14Joe&Malerie-14 Joe&Malerie-16Joe&Malerie-16 Joe&Malerie-7Joe&Malerie-7 Joe&Malerie-24Joe&Malerie-24 Joe&Malerie-51Joe&Malerie-51 Joe&Malerie-91Joe&Malerie-91 Joe&Malerie-92Joe&Malerie-92 Joe&Malerie-111Joe&Malerie-111 Joe&Malerie-112Joe&Malerie-112 Joe&Malerie-116Joe&Malerie-116 Joe&Malerie-118Joe&Malerie-118 Joe&Malerie-123Joe&Malerie-123 Joe&Malerie-154Joe&Malerie-154 Joe&Malerie-161Joe&Malerie-161 Joe&Malerie-168Joe&Malerie-168 Joe&Malerie-171Joe&Malerie-171 Joe&Malerie-177Joe&Malerie-177 Joe&Malerie-254Joe&Malerie-254 Joe&Malerie-230Joe&Malerie-230 Joe&Malerie-266Joe&Malerie-266 Joe&Malerie-291Joe&Malerie-291 Joe&Malerie-303Joe&Malerie-303 Joe&Malerie-315Joe&Malerie-315 Joe&Malerie-318Joe&Malerie-318 Joe&Malerie-320Joe&Malerie-320 Joe&Malerie-322Joe&Malerie-322 Joe&Malerie-331Joe&Malerie-331 Joe&Malerie-334Joe&Malerie-334 Joe&Malerie-344Joe&Malerie-344 Joe&Malerie-356Joe&Malerie-356 Joe&Malerie-363Joe&Malerie-363 Joe&Malerie-380Joe&Malerie-380 Joe&Malerie-383Joe&Malerie-383 Joe&Malerie-389Joe&Malerie-389 Joe&Malerie-396Joe&Malerie-396 Joe&Malerie-397Joe&Malerie-397 Joe&Malerie-403Joe&Malerie-403 Joe&Malerie-428Joe&Malerie-428 Joe&Malerie-430Joe&Malerie-430 Joe&Malerie-442Joe&Malerie-442 Joe&Malerie-449Joe&Malerie-449 Joe&Malerie-464Joe&Malerie-464 Joe&Malerie-484Joe&Malerie-484 Joe&Malerie-506Joe&Malerie-506 Joe&Malerie-509Joe&Malerie-509 Joe&Malerie-525Joe&Malerie-525 Joe&Malerie-524Joe&Malerie-524 Joe&Malerie-529Joe&Malerie-529 Joe&Malerie-545Joe&Malerie-545 Joe&Malerie-562Joe&Malerie-562 Joe&Malerie-576Joe&Malerie-576 Joe&Malerie-591Joe&Malerie-591 Joe&Malerie-609Joe&Malerie-609 Joe&Malerie-613Joe&Malerie-613 Joe&Malerie-617Joe&Malerie-617 Joe&Malerie-618Joe&Malerie-618 Joe&Malerie-624Joe&Malerie-624 Joe&Malerie-679Joe&Malerie-679 Joe&Malerie-685Joe&Malerie-685 Joe&Malerie-738Joe&Malerie-738 Joe&Malerie-742Joe&Malerie-742 Joe&Malerie-793Joe&Malerie-793 Joe&Malerie-799Joe&Malerie-799 Joe&Malerie-806Joe&Malerie-806 Joe&Malerie-813Joe&Malerie-813 Joe&Malerie-892Joe&Malerie-892 Joe&Malerie-899Joe&Malerie-899 Joe&Malerie-886Joe&Malerie-886 Joe&Malerie-828Joe&Malerie-828 Joe&Malerie-906Joe&Malerie-906 Joe&Malerie-907Joe&Malerie-907 Joe&Malerie-908Joe&Malerie-908 Joe&Malerie-916Joe&Malerie-916 Joe&Malerie-917Joe&Malerie-917 Joe&Malerie-918Joe&Malerie-918 Joe&Malerie-924Joe&Malerie-924 Joe&Malerie-930Joe&Malerie-930 Joe&Malerie-944Joe&Malerie-944 Joe&Malerie-415Joe&Malerie-415

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Antonio & Judith Wedding | August 24th 2019 Antonio&Judith-353Antonio&Judith-353 For a late Saturday in August we could not have gotten a more perfect day for Judith & Antonio's wedding! Their amazingly cute and small ceremony was held on the beach of the stunning Rattlesnake Ledge. After the ceremony but before photos of the stunning couple we took a bunch of fun and hilarious family photos. It's always so much fun when a family asks for a silly photo instead of just the basic one of everyone standing around. After that we took photos on the beach by (and in) the stunning blue waters of Rattlesnake. A perfect day, location and most importantly perfect couple! 

Antonio&Judith-1Antonio&Judith-1 Antonio&Judith-2Antonio&Judith-2 Antonio&Judith-4Antonio&Judith-4 Antonio&Judith-6Antonio&Judith-6 Antonio&Judith-16Antonio&Judith-16 Antonio&Judith-8Antonio&Judith-8 Antonio&Judith-9Antonio&Judith-9 Antonio&Judith-10Antonio&Judith-10 Antonio&Judith-11Antonio&Judith-11 Antonio&Judith-12Antonio&Judith-12 Antonio&Judith-24Antonio&Judith-24 Antonio&Judith-35Antonio&Judith-35 Antonio&Judith-31Antonio&Judith-31 Antonio&Judith-42Antonio&Judith-42 Antonio&Judith-44Antonio&Judith-44 Antonio&Judith-45Antonio&Judith-45 Antonio&Judith-45-2Antonio&Judith-45-2 Antonio&Judith-55Antonio&Judith-55 Antonio&Judith-66Antonio&Judith-66 Antonio&Judith-64Antonio&Judith-64 Antonio&Judith-61Antonio&Judith-61 Antonio&Judith-85Antonio&Judith-85 Antonio&Judith-94Antonio&Judith-94 Antonio&Judith-95Antonio&Judith-95 Antonio&Judith-98Antonio&Judith-98 Antonio&Judith-104Antonio&Judith-104 Antonio&Judith-108Antonio&Judith-108 Antonio&Judith-110Antonio&Judith-110 Antonio&Judith-113Antonio&Judith-113 Antonio&Judith-116Antonio&Judith-116 Antonio&Judith-118Antonio&Judith-118 Antonio&Judith-130Antonio&Judith-130 Antonio&Judith-139Antonio&Judith-139 Antonio&Judith-129Antonio&Judith-129 Antonio&Judith-137Antonio&Judith-137 Antonio&Judith-152Antonio&Judith-152 Antonio&Judith-175Antonio&Judith-175 Antonio&Judith-181Antonio&Judith-181 Antonio&Judith-192Antonio&Judith-192 Antonio&Judith-236Antonio&Judith-236 Antonio&Judith-258Antonio&Judith-258 Antonio&Judith-267Antonio&Judith-267 Antonio&Judith-245Antonio&Judith-245 Antonio&Judith-299Antonio&Judith-299 Antonio&Judith-284Antonio&Judith-284 Antonio&Judith-335Antonio&Judith-335 Antonio&Judith-343Antonio&Judith-343 Antonio&Judith-356Antonio&Judith-356 Antonio&Judith-364Antonio&Judith-364 Antonio&Judith-371Antonio&Judith-371 Antonio&Judith-378Antonio&Judith-378 Antonio&Judith-382Antonio&Judith-382 Antonio&Judith-396Antonio&Judith-396 Antonio&Judith-402Antonio&Judith-402 Antonio&Judith-405Antonio&Judith-405 Antonio&Judith-415Antonio&Judith-415 Antonio&Judith-417Antonio&Judith-417 Antonio&Judith-421Antonio&Judith-421 Antonio&Judith-425Antonio&Judith-425 Antonio&Judith-462Antonio&Judith-462 Antonio&Judith-446Antonio&Judith-446 Antonio&Judith-449Antonio&Judith-449

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PNW Adventures | Mount Pilchuck IMG_0053-2IMG_0053-2 Rain or shine, Mount Pilchuck has been and probably always will be a favorite hike of many. This particular wet July day we made our way up the packed trail through the mist and up close to the clouds to the top for for 4th of July coffee & tea. If you haven't made it up Pilchuck I strongly advise it as well as suggesting you make a habit of packing up supplies for some coffee & tea because honestly it's the only way to hike. 

IMG_0058IMG_0058 IMG_0075IMG_0075 IMG_0097IMG_0097 IMG_0132IMG_0132 IMG_0135-2IMG_0135-2 IMG_0177-2IMG_0177-2 IMG_0149IMG_0149 IMG_0179-2IMG_0179-2 IMG_0195IMG_0195 IMG_0207IMG_0207 IMG_0210IMG_0210 IMG_0215IMG_0215 IMG_0214IMG_0214 IMG_0245IMG_0245 IMG_0266IMG_0266 IMG_0270IMG_0270 IMG_0328IMG_0328 IMG_0221IMG_0221 IMG_0353IMG_0353

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Ezra James | Newborn IMG_8342-2IMG_8342-2 Oh my heart, meeting sweet Ezra James for the first time was as wonderful as you think it is. From his obvious cuteness to his sweet & amazing parents and his precious sleepy little face I died at the adorable overload of this little man. I may be biased because I adore his parents but this little guy is gonna be so fun to watch grow up! 

IMG_8349IMG_8349 IMG_8356IMG_8356 IMG_8359IMG_8359 IMG_8363IMG_8363 IMG_8365-2IMG_8365-2 IMG_8369IMG_8369 IMG_8397IMG_8397 IMG_8384IMG_8384 IMG_8403IMG_8403 IMG_8429-2IMG_8429-2 IMG_8495IMG_8495 IMG_8531IMG_8531 IMG_8463IMG_8463 IMG_8544-2IMG_8544-2 IMG_8560IMG_8560 IMG_8563IMG_8563

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Pospical Family 2019 IMG_2533IMG_2533 I adore this little family SO much! I loved my sunset session with these cuties on the beach. With the adorable cuteness of Matt and Natalee to their little ones and the pups. These kinds of family sessions are a favorite of mine and I think it's clear as to why. 

IMG_2570IMG_2570 IMG_2663IMG_2663 IMG_2616IMG_2616 IMG_2681IMG_2681 IMG_2729IMG_2729 IMG_2745IMG_2745 IMG_2771-2IMG_2771-2 IMG_2864IMG_2864 IMG_2926IMG_2926 IMG_2957IMG_2957 IMG_2953IMG_2953 IMG_3060IMG_3060 IMG_3132-2IMG_3132-2

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Europe 2019 | Part 1 | Great Britain IMG_9795IMG_9795 IMG_9799IMG_9799 Our three-week adventure pre dropping Margo off at school starts off with an 8.5 hour direct flight into London, 2 buses from one airport to another and finally to out hotel outside of Heathrow. Honestly, jet lag really got the best of us with an extended nap midday and then pints at the bar that evening. 

Day two comes in strong with a LOT more learning as far as busses & trains. We hooped a bus to the airport, took the underground to the train station, then took a train with one transfer to Margate. A tattoo artist I previously visited in Cork, IE is now running a shop with her husband and I'd booked an appointment with her for a second piece. Margo spent much of the tattoo time loving the shop greyhound rescue Stella & getting some stunning photos of both Alex & Bodie at work. Seriously our favorite part of Great Britain was hanging out with them! After my tattoo we headed to the beach & then back into London to see the city at sunset. 

IMG_9808IMG_9808 IMG_9813-2IMG_9813-2 IMG_9822IMG_9822 IMG_9825IMG_9825 _MG_2447_MG_2447 _MG_2492_MG_2492 _MG_2567-2_MG_2567-2 _MG_2573-2_MG_2573-2 _MG_2574_MG_2574 _MG_2522_MG_2522 _MG_2585_MG_2585

_MG_2620_MG_2620 _MG_2593_MG_2593 _MG_2662_MG_2662 _MG_2672-2_MG_2672-2 _MG_2681-2_MG_2681-2 _MG_2637_MG_2637 IMG_9828IMG_9828 IMG_9846IMG_9846 IMG_9864IMG_9864 IMG_9876IMG_9876 IMG_9896IMG_9896 _MG_2718_MG_2718 IMG_9908IMG_9908 IMG_9927IMG_9927 IMG_9918IMG_9918 IMG_9928IMG_9928 IMG_9952IMG_9952 IMG_9955IMG_9955 IMG_9940IMG_9940 IMG_9946IMG_9946

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Connor & Andrea Wedding | June 29th, 2019 Connor&Andrea-544Connor&Andrea-544 This sweet sweet wedding was particularly close to my heart as quite a few years ago I met both the bride and groom when they were adorable middle schoolers. Really their special day was the ultimate full circle moment from first meeting them as two students who were friends to seeing them become a couple in high school & now the nearly finished with college married adults they are. I'm not saying I cried during the ceremony at the high level of perfect cuteness and love but I'm not saying I didn't either. I can't wait to see where life takes Connor and Andrea next.


Connor&Andrea-5Connor&Andrea-5 Connor&Andrea-12Connor&Andrea-12 Connor&Andrea-44Connor&Andrea-44 Connor&Andrea-20Connor&Andrea-20 Connor&Andrea-72Connor&Andrea-72 Connor&Andrea-26Connor&Andrea-26 Connor&Andrea-33Connor&Andrea-33 Connor&Andrea-48Connor&Andrea-48 Connor&Andrea-53Connor&Andrea-53 Connor&Andrea-56Connor&Andrea-56 Connor&Andrea-75Connor&Andrea-75 Connor&Andrea-113Connor&Andrea-113 Connor&Andrea-116Connor&Andrea-116 Connor&Andrea-117Connor&Andrea-117 Connor&Andrea-126Connor&Andrea-126 Connor&Andrea-156Connor&Andrea-156 Connor&Andrea-160-2Connor&Andrea-160-2 Connor&Andrea-161Connor&Andrea-161 Connor&Andrea-165Connor&Andrea-165 Connor&Andrea-169Connor&Andrea-169 Connor&Andrea-173Connor&Andrea-173 Connor&Andrea-175Connor&Andrea-175 Connor&Andrea-183Connor&Andrea-183 Connor&Andrea-187Connor&Andrea-187 Connor&Andrea-195Connor&Andrea-195 Connor&Andrea-212Connor&Andrea-212 Connor&Andrea-211Connor&Andrea-211 Connor&Andrea-226Connor&Andrea-226 Connor&Andrea-251Connor&Andrea-251 Connor&Andrea-256Connor&Andrea-256 Connor&Andrea-324Connor&Andrea-324 Connor&Andrea-327Connor&Andrea-327 Connor&Andrea-314Connor&Andrea-314 Connor&Andrea-338Connor&Andrea-338 Connor&Andrea-349Connor&Andrea-349 Connor&Andrea-347Connor&Andrea-347 Connor&Andrea-351Connor&Andrea-351 Connor&Andrea-361Connor&Andrea-361 Connor&Andrea-354Connor&Andrea-354 Connor&Andrea-371Connor&Andrea-371 Connor&Andrea-373Connor&Andrea-373 Connor&Andrea-450Connor&Andrea-450 Connor&Andrea-485Connor&Andrea-485 Connor&Andrea-477Connor&Andrea-477 Connor&Andrea-501Connor&Andrea-501 Connor&Andrea-510Connor&Andrea-510 Connor&Andrea-518Connor&Andrea-518 Connor&Andrea-531Connor&Andrea-531 Connor&Andrea-562Connor&Andrea-562 Connor&Andrea-586Connor&Andrea-586 Connor&Andrea-597Connor&Andrea-597 Connor&Andrea-638Connor&Andrea-638 Connor&Andrea-647Connor&Andrea-647 Connor&Andrea-668Connor&Andrea-668 Connor&Andrea-701Connor&Andrea-701 Connor&Andrea-726Connor&Andrea-726 Connor&Andrea-714Connor&Andrea-714 Connor&Andrea-787Connor&Andrea-787 Connor&Andrea-767Connor&Andrea-767 Connor&Andrea-748Connor&Andrea-748 Connor&Andrea-824Connor&Andrea-824 Connor&Andrea-815Connor&Andrea-815 Connor&Andrea-862Connor&Andrea-862 Connor&Andrea-876Connor&Andrea-876 Connor&Andrea-902Connor&Andrea-902 Connor&Andrea-907Connor&Andrea-907 Connor&Andrea-911Connor&Andrea-911 Connor&Andrea-914Connor&Andrea-914 Connor&Andrea-917Connor&Andrea-917 Connor&Andrea-928Connor&Andrea-928 Connor&Andrea-930Connor&Andrea-930 Connor&Andrea-934Connor&Andrea-934 Connor&Andrea-950Connor&Andrea-950 Connor&Andrea-967Connor&Andrea-967 Connor&Andrea-972Connor&Andrea-972 Connor&Andrea-1006Connor&Andrea-1006 Connor&Andrea-1010Connor&Andrea-1010 Connor&Andrea-1057Connor&Andrea-1057 Connor&Andrea-1071Connor&Andrea-1071 Connor&Andrea-1106Connor&Andrea-1106 Connor&Andrea-1122Connor&Andrea-1122 Connor&Andrea-1134Connor&Andrea-1134 Connor&Andrea-1145Connor&Andrea-1145 Connor&Andrea-1146Connor&Andrea-1146 Connor&Andrea-1179Connor&Andrea-1179 Connor&Andrea-1188Connor&Andrea-1188 Connor&Andrea-1199Connor&Andrea-1199 Connor&Andrea-1203Connor&Andrea-1203 Connor&Andrea-1204Connor&Andrea-1204 Connor&Andrea-1218Connor&Andrea-1218 Connor&Andrea-1230Connor&Andrea-1230 Connor&Andrea-1367Connor&Andrea-1367 Connor&Andrea-1392Connor&Andrea-1392 Connor&Andrea-1393Connor&Andrea-1393 Connor&Andrea-1408Connor&Andrea-1408 Connor&Andrea-1460Connor&Andrea-1460 Connor&Andrea-1465Connor&Andrea-1465 Connor&Andrea-1467Connor&Andrea-1467 Connor&Andrea-1250Connor&Andrea-1250 Connor&Andrea-1266Connor&Andrea-1266 Connor&Andrea-1294Connor&Andrea-1294 Connor&Andrea-1275Connor&Andrea-1275 Connor&Andrea-1314Connor&Andrea-1314 Connor&Andrea-1497Connor&Andrea-1497 Connor&Andrea-1511Connor&Andrea-1511

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Belin Family 2019 IMG_8697-2IMG_8697-2 I just ADORE this sweet family! I get blessed with their cuteness every July and this summer was nothing short of awesome with them per usual. I have have loved seeing the kids grow up these past couple years and can't wait to see them progress! Humid summer sessions are best with a family this cool. 

IMG_8370IMG_8370 IMG_8437IMG_8437 IMG_8507IMG_8507 IMG_8541-2IMG_8541-2 IMG_8713IMG_8713 IMG_8715IMG_8715 IMG_8398IMG_8398 IMG_8420IMG_8420 IMG_8785IMG_8785 IMG_8644IMG_8644

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Brandon & Danyell | Engagement Photos IMG_2108IMG_2108 Aside from the obvious overload of cuteness from Brandon and Danyell's engagement session these two were unbelievably fun. From the amazing additions of brining along their Best Man & Maid of Honor to drinking champagne on the beach because i mean why not make your engagement session a party? We took full advantage of a warm June Saturday night golden hour to wander around the Discovery Park bluff and down to the lighthouse before catching some photos just after dusk on top of Pier 66 where Brandon proposed. If engagement photos are any indication of how amazing the wedding will be next July we will be seeing some outstanding fun moments from when these two get married out in the sound! 

IMG_2117IMG_2117 IMG_2120IMG_2120 IMG_2122IMG_2122 IMG_2125-2IMG_2125-2 IMG_2150-2IMG_2150-2 IMG_2172IMG_2172 IMG_2189IMG_2189 IMG_2193IMG_2193 IMG_2220-2IMG_2220-2 IMG_2242IMG_2242 IMG_2243IMG_2243 IMG_2249IMG_2249 IMG_2289-2IMG_2289-2 IMG_2310IMG_2310 IMG_2347IMG_2347 IMG_2362IMG_2362 IMG_2367IMG_2367 IMG_2370-2IMG_2370-2 IMG_2376IMG_2376 IMG_2383IMG_2383 IMG_2394IMG_2394 IMG_2641-2IMG_2641-2 IMG_2642IMG_2642 IMG_2648IMG_2648 IMG_2662IMG_2662

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Elise Ann | Newborn IMG_1530-2IMG_1530-2 It seriously feels like yesterday I was meeting with Chris & Monique at the studio taking newborn photos of sweet little Chloe. Then in what feels like a few moments Chloe is two, we've taken maternity photos and I'm getting the joy of meeting their second little girl Elise! Nearly a clone of her sister I can't get over the cuteness of Elise and of her big sister Chloe who is as fun to photograph now as she was back then. I can't wait to see the little angel Elise grows into as I've gotten to see Chloe. 

IMG_1356-2IMG_1356-2 IMG_1382-2IMG_1382-2 IMG_1402IMG_1402 IMG_1436IMG_1436 IMG_1444IMG_1444 IMG_1447IMG_1447 IMG_1498IMG_1498 IMG_1539IMG_1539 IMG_1542IMG_1542 IMG_1556IMG_1556 IMG_1558IMG_1558 IMG_1574IMG_1574 IMG_1597-2IMG_1597-2 IMG_1608IMG_1608 IMG_1658IMG_1658 IMG_1631IMG_1631 IMG_1570IMG_1570

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Ty & Suzy Wedding | March 30th 2019 Ty&Suzy-101Ty&Suzy-101 Where to begin?! Ty and Suzy could not have picked or planned a better day! Weddings are a personal favorite from the fast-paced environment, the enjoyment on everyone's faces & just the perfect moments of pure love & happiness. I had such an amazing time with this sweet couple, their family & friends as they celebrated their love. From the pizza truck catered dinner, surprise performance, hilarious ceremony mixups and just Ty & Suzy's overall bliss with each other. 

Ty&Suzy-4Ty&Suzy-4 Ty&Suzy-2Ty&Suzy-2 Ty&Suzy-6Ty&Suzy-6 Ty&Suzy-23Ty&Suzy-23 Ty&Suzy-28Ty&Suzy-28 Ty&Suzy-56Ty&Suzy-56 Ty&Suzy-26Ty&Suzy-26 Ty&Suzy-34Ty&Suzy-34 Ty&Suzy-35Ty&Suzy-35 Ty&Suzy-36Ty&Suzy-36 Ty&Suzy-37Ty&Suzy-37 Ty&Suzy-40Ty&Suzy-40 Ty&Suzy-59Ty&Suzy-59 Ty&Suzy-60Ty&Suzy-60 Ty&Suzy-63Ty&Suzy-63 Ty&Suzy-68Ty&Suzy-68 Ty&Suzy-70Ty&Suzy-70 Ty&Suzy-76Ty&Suzy-76 Ty&Suzy-77Ty&Suzy-77 Ty&Suzy-102Ty&Suzy-102 Ty&Suzy-105Ty&Suzy-105 Ty&Suzy-135Ty&Suzy-135 Ty&Suzy-137Ty&Suzy-137 Ty&Suzy-128Ty&Suzy-128 Ty&Suzy-159Ty&Suzy-159 Ty&Suzy-176Ty&Suzy-176 Ty&Suzy-233Ty&Suzy-233 Ty&Suzy-181Ty&Suzy-181 Ty&Suzy-183Ty&Suzy-183 Ty&Suzy-222Ty&Suzy-222 Ty&Suzy-200Ty&Suzy-200 Ty&Suzy-300Ty&Suzy-300 Ty&Suzy-317Ty&Suzy-317 Ty&Suzy-340Ty&Suzy-340 Ty&Suzy-309Ty&Suzy-309 Ty&Suzy-356Ty&Suzy-356 Ty&Suzy-372Ty&Suzy-372 Ty&Suzy-373Ty&Suzy-373 Ty&Suzy-396Ty&Suzy-396 Ty&Suzy-398Ty&Suzy-398 Ty&Suzy-401Ty&Suzy-401 Ty&Suzy-405Ty&Suzy-405 Ty&Suzy-406Ty&Suzy-406 Ty&Suzy-411Ty&Suzy-411 Ty&Suzy-436Ty&Suzy-436 Ty&Suzy-465Ty&Suzy-465 Ty&Suzy-486Ty&Suzy-486 Ty&Suzy-498Ty&Suzy-498 Ty&Suzy-513Ty&Suzy-513 Ty&Suzy-534Ty&Suzy-534 Ty&Suzy-544Ty&Suzy-544 Ty&Suzy-546Ty&Suzy-546 Ty&Suzy-550Ty&Suzy-550 Ty&Suzy-558Ty&Suzy-558 Ty&Suzy-565Ty&Suzy-565 Ty&Suzy-568Ty&Suzy-568 Ty&Suzy-571Ty&Suzy-571 Ty&Suzy-573Ty&Suzy-573 Ty&Suzy-575Ty&Suzy-575 Ty&Suzy-576Ty&Suzy-576 Ty&Suzy-578Ty&Suzy-578 Ty&Suzy-581Ty&Suzy-581 Ty&Suzy-608Ty&Suzy-608 Ty&Suzy-626Ty&Suzy-626 Ty&Suzy-628Ty&Suzy-628 Ty&Suzy-642Ty&Suzy-642 Ty&Suzy-654Ty&Suzy-654 Ty&Suzy-694Ty&Suzy-694 Ty&Suzy-673Ty&Suzy-673 Ty&Suzy-704Ty&Suzy-704 Ty&Suzy-664Ty&Suzy-664 Ty&Suzy-716Ty&Suzy-716 Ty&Suzy-740Ty&Suzy-740 Ty&Suzy-755Ty&Suzy-755 Ty&Suzy-756Ty&Suzy-756 Ty&Suzy-765Ty&Suzy-765 Ty&Suzy-777Ty&Suzy-777 Ty&Suzy-783Ty&Suzy-783 Ty&Suzy-796Ty&Suzy-796 Ty&Suzy-807Ty&Suzy-807 Ty&Suzy-938Ty&Suzy-938 Ty&Suzy-939Ty&Suzy-939 Ty&Suzy-847Ty&Suzy-847 Ty&Suzy-898Ty&Suzy-898 Ty&Suzy-833Ty&Suzy-833 Ty&Suzy-943Ty&Suzy-943 Ty&Suzy-948Ty&Suzy-948 Ty&Suzy-970Ty&Suzy-970 Ty&Suzy-953Ty&Suzy-953 Ty&Suzy-956Ty&Suzy-956 Ty&Suzy-961Ty&Suzy-961 Ty&Suzy-964Ty&Suzy-964 Ty&Suzy-968Ty&Suzy-968 Ty&Suzy-1000Ty&Suzy-1000 Ty&Suzy-1001Ty&Suzy-1001 Ty&Suzy-1002Ty&Suzy-1002 Ty&Suzy-1003Ty&Suzy-1003 Ty&Suzy-1004Ty&Suzy-1004 Ty&Suzy-1006Ty&Suzy-1006 Ty&Suzy-1024Ty&Suzy-1024 Ty&Suzy-1026Ty&Suzy-1026 Ty&Suzy-1081Ty&Suzy-1081 Ty&Suzy-1092Ty&Suzy-1092 Ty&Suzy-1114Ty&Suzy-1114 Ty&Suzy-1120Ty&Suzy-1120 Ty&Suzy-1143Ty&Suzy-1143 Ty&Suzy-1160Ty&Suzy-1160 Ty&Suzy-1161Ty&Suzy-1161 Ty&Suzy-1209Ty&Suzy-1209 Ty&Suzy-1288Ty&Suzy-1288 Ty&Suzy-1308Ty&Suzy-1308

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Portland 2019 IMG_8759IMG_8759 Nothing better than playing tourist in a city that's kinda like yours but not at all. With a little free time and an extended weekend, Miriam and I headed to Portland for a rainy early spring girls weekend of walking around the city, food carts, street markets, tourist stops, donuts & coffee. It had been a while since I have been to Portland so it was time to head back for a fun chill weekend. 

IMG_8755IMG_8755 IMG_8757-2IMG_8757-2 IMG_8762-2IMG_8762-2 IMG_8765IMG_8765 IMG_8785IMG_8785 IMG_8803IMG_8803

IMG_8806-2IMG_8806-2 IMG_8813IMG_8813 IMG_8823IMG_8823 IMG_8833IMG_8833 IMG_8860-2IMG_8860-2 IMG_8865-2IMG_8865-2 IMG_8879IMG_8879 IMG_8885IMG_8885 IMG_8887IMG_8887 IMG_8889IMG_8889 IMG_8890IMG_8890 IMG_8893IMG_8893 IMG_8897IMG_8897 IMG_8911IMG_8911 IMG_8914IMG_8914 IMG_8939IMG_8939
IMG_8955IMG_8955 IMG_8943IMG_8943 IMG_8961IMG_8961 IMG_8977-2IMG_8977-2 IMG_9003-2IMG_9003-2 IMG_9007IMG_9007 IMG_9011IMG_9011 IMG_9013IMG_9013 IMG_9019IMG_9019 IMG_9015IMG_9015 IMG_9023IMG_9023 IMG_9066IMG_9066 IMG_9053IMG_9053 IMG_9068IMG_9068 IMG_9072IMG_9072 IMG_8886IMG_8886

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Jack & Lexi | Nashville 2019 IMG_1120IMG_1120 One of my absolute favorite couples to photograph currently resides in Nashville and while there this past May I had the joy of not only getting some updated photos of them BUT also of their new puppy. If you're wondering yes Rory was 100% the star. This perfect fluffy, sweet, little (not for long) Bernies Mountain dog is 100% the cutest thing ever. 

IMG_0789IMG_0789 IMG_0826IMG_0826 IMG_0866-2IMG_0866-2 IMG_0892IMG_0892 IMG_0966IMG_0966 IMG_0974IMG_0974 IMG_0976IMG_0976 IMG_1015IMG_1015 IMG_1018IMG_1018 IMG_1038-2IMG_1038-2 IMG_1076IMG_1076 IMG_1080IMG_1080 IMG_1085IMG_1085 IMG_1091IMG_1091 IMG_1107IMG_1107 IMG_1132-2IMG_1132-2 IMG_1134IMG_1134 IMG_1138IMG_1138 IMG_1140-2IMG_1140-2 IMG_1143IMG_1143 IMG_1144IMG_1144 IMG_1145IMG_1145

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Mattis Reid | Newborn IMG_0324IMG_0324 One of the greatest things about kids is seeing who they become over time. I've had so much fun watching the Desens kids grow up into who they are currently and now I get to watch Mattis grow up too! He's such a blessed little guy to have two such amazing parents and two really fun older siblings! I look forward to watching him grow up, his personality develop and see all the kids be the cutest on the planet. 

IMG_0215-2IMG_0215-2 IMG_0214-2IMG_0214-2 IMG_0163-2IMG_0163-2 IMG_0250IMG_0250 IMG_0263IMG_0263 IMG_0287IMG_0287 IMG_0293-2IMG_0293-2 IMG_0303IMG_0303 IMG_0310IMG_0310 IMG_0311IMG_0311 IMG_0317IMG_0317 IMG_0327-2IMG_0327-2 IMG_0329IMG_0329 IMG_0340-2IMG_0340-2 IMG_0342IMG_0342 IMG_0330IMG_0330

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McCrorie Family 2019 IMG_9329-2IMG_9329-2 Catching up on blogs from some of my faves this spring and I just loved my time with this sweet family SO much! Our session started a little rocky as the forecast had said light rain. Well, that "light rain" was actually a downpour of hail! After the hail subsided, we were greeted with warm sunshine and some pretty crazy wind. All in all the weather didn't dampen the fun or joy of capturing this sweet family! 

IMG_9340IMG_9340 IMG_9342IMG_9342 IMG_9348-2IMG_9348-2 IMG_9352-2IMG_9352-2 IMG_9357IMG_9357 IMG_9367IMG_9367 IMG_9372IMG_9372 IMG_9381IMG_9381 IMG_9405-2IMG_9405-2 IMG_9417IMG_9417 IMG_9429IMG_9429

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Chris & Monique | Maternity IMG_8396IMG_8396 I seriously can't get over my later afternoon spring session with this perfect little family! As I work on finishing up the edits from their recent newborn session with their now arrived little girl, I realized i need to bless you all with their pre-second baby cuteness! 

IMG_8356IMG_8356 IMG_8390-2IMG_8390-2 IMG_8408IMG_8408 IMG_8412IMG_8412 IMG_8392IMG_8392 IMG_8434IMG_8434 IMG_8562-2IMG_8562-2 IMG_8570IMG_8570 IMG_8576IMG_8576 IMG_8636IMG_8636

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Valadez Family 2019 IMG_6060IMG_6060 The snow may be finally melting but not before I got to spend an amazing afternoon with this perfect little family! Kalaya was such a trooper running around in the snow with her furry best friend Titan. I just loved catching of with these guys and seeing how the family had grown! 

IMG_6069IMG_6069 IMG_6081IMG_6081 IMG_6091IMG_6091 IMG_6096-2IMG_6096-2 IMG_6111-2IMG_6111-2 IMG_6099IMG_6099 IMG_6145IMG_6145 IMG_6161IMG_6161 IMG_6179IMG_6179 IMG_6193IMG_6193 IMG_6214IMG_6214 IMG_6227IMG_6227 IMG_6247-2IMG_6247-2 IMG_6249IMG_6249 IMG_6259IMG_6259 IMG_6263IMG_6263 IMG_6279-2IMG_6279-2

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PNW Adventures | Frozen Rattlesnake Sunrise IMG_6280IMG_6280 I've found few things are better than a good sunrise hike and to make it better we chose to do it during daylight savings. We hiked up the compact snow & ice to reach the top just after dawn and lingered in the cold to watch the sun rise up above the mountains. If you're looking for a good & fairly easy & short hike for sunrise Rattlesnake is your hike. 

IMG_6305IMG_6305 IMG_6308IMG_6308 IMG_6323IMG_6323 IMG_6368-2IMG_6368-2 IMG_6354IMG_6354 IMG_6422IMG_6422 IMG_6388IMG_6388 IMG_6413-2IMG_6413-2 IMG_6425IMG_6425 IMG_6435IMG_6435 IMG_6439IMG_6439 IMG_6463IMG_6463 IMG_6476IMG_6476 IMG_6445IMG_6445 IMG_6455-2IMG_6455-2 IMG_6453IMG_6453 IMG_6437IMG_6437 IMG_6452IMG_6452 IMG_6484-2IMG_6484-2

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Arizona 2019 IMG_1999IMG_1999 I started my 2019 travels off with an extended weekend in Arizona.  We flew in midday Saturday from our colder states to a lovey and warm Phoenix. After a mildly confusing time in the airport, we picked up our rental car and headed to Mother Brunch Brewing for a late lunch. After lunch, we made our way from Phoenix, caught the sunset in Sedona before checking into our adorable Airbnb in Flagstaff.  IMG_2019-2IMG_2019-2 IMG_2028IMG_2028 IMG_2059IMG_2059 IMG_2070IMG_2070 IMG_2006IMG_2006

Per my request, we woke up around 4 am to head further up north to catch the sunrise at Horseshoe Bend. Let me tell you. it did not disappoint. Stunning doesn't do it justice and neither do the photos. I will say though, people need to stop being so careless on the edges of cliffs. A short drive away, we stopped for breakfast before our scheduled tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon. In case you didn't know, you are required to see Antelope Canyon with a guided tour through the Navajo Tribe. This element of it was very cool to be able to learn about the canyon, surrounding area and the history of it. Moving on from Antelope Canyon, we drove a couple of hours to The Grand Canyon. We didn't plan in our schedule for anything more than just seeing the canyon but it was amazing and a sight to see regardless. It goes on my list of things to revisit when I return. We ended our very long day of amazing sights and a lot of driving with some AMAZING burgers at Diablo Burger in downtown Flagstaff.

IMG_2101IMG_2101 IMG_2157IMG_2157 IMG_2184IMG_2184





















IMG_2243IMG_2243 IMG_2166IMG_2166 IMG_2201IMG_2201 IMG_2263IMG_2263 IMG_2309IMG_2309

IMG_2341-2IMG_2341-2 IMG_2347-2IMG_2347-2 IMG_2316IMG_2316 IMG_2386IMG_2386 IMG_2405IMG_2405 IMG_2461IMG_2461 IMG_2448IMG_2448 IMG_2510IMG_2510 IMG_2564IMG_2564 IMG_2576IMG_2576 IMG_2580IMG_2580 IMG_2600IMG_2600 IMG_2612IMG_2612 IMG_2628IMG_2628 Monday morning began how everyone begins their Mondays while on vacation: at the gym! When I say "gym" I actually mean Orange Theory. I had never gone before so we thought on vacation while 7,000 ft above sea level was a good idea. Seattle is at sea level and let me tell you, it was not a great idea. I have never been so out of breath in my life. We rewarded our efforts with brunch at The Toasted Owl and some coffee at Matador Coffee Roasters off Route 66 before leaving the cold and snow for sunny Phoenix. Our Monday finished off with a walk around the Desert Botanical Gardens and dinner with friends in Scottsdale.

IMG_2655IMG_2655 IMG_2660IMG_2660 IMG_2662IMG_2662 IMG_2701-2IMG_2701-2 IMG_2712IMG_2712 IMG_2714IMG_2714 IMG_2715IMG_2715 IMG_2730IMG_2730 IMG_2718IMG_2718















IMG_2743IMG_2743 IMG_2746IMG_2746 IMG_2749IMG_2749 IMG_2761IMG_2761 IMG_2786IMG_2786 IMG_2800-2IMG_2800-2 IMG_2817-2IMG_2817-2























Our last day in Arizona was more of a half day which we started fairly early with coffee at Songbird Coffee and Tea and then a small amount of wandering to look at all of the street art and murals of Roosevelt Row. Honesty, I could have spent all day down there looking at all the art. The last few hours spent there were with Cave Creek Outfitters on my first ever horseback riding adventure that involved a two-hour ride through the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and the Tonto National Forrest. It was a very cool and very Arizona way to end my first trip in 2019. I look forward to the rest of the trips 2019 holds and my next opportunity to explore more of what Arizona has to offer!
IMG_2851IMG_2851 IMG_2857IMG_2857 IMG_2859IMG_2859 IMG_2867IMG_2867 IMG_2876IMG_2876 IMG_2880IMG_2880 IMG_2888IMG_2888 IMG_2893-2IMG_2893-2 IMG_2897-2IMG_2897-2 IMG_2911IMG_2911 IMG_2925IMG_2925 IMG_2919IMG_2919 IMG_2924IMG_2924









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Isaac Glenn | Newborn IMG_1896IMG_1896

A Saturday morning well spent with this awesome family and the newest addition: Isaac! Seriously this little guy will melt your heart with his sweet little two-week- old smile. Along with baby Isaac, it is such a joy to see the Ryder family! I look forward to seeing the boys grow and be the best friends like their awesome shirts say.

IMG_1593IMG_1593 IMG_1596IMG_1596 IMG_1645IMG_1645 IMG_1714IMG_1714 IMG_1744IMG_1744 IMG_1735-2IMG_1735-2 IMG_1772IMG_1772 IMG_1799IMG_1799 IMG_1807IMG_1807 IMG_1832IMG_1832 IMG_1901-2IMG_1901-2 IMG_1883-2IMG_1883-2 IMG_1927IMG_1927

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Brian & Randi | Maternity IMG_0514IMG_0514 No better way to start off the new year than a later afternoon maternity session on New Years Day. I wandered around this sweet little woodsy area & rocky river beach with Brian, Randi and their perfect little guy Sawyer who is very excited for his little sister to get here as are the rest of us! My favorite photo by far is the last one which happens to be a remake of the same photo we took a little over 2 years ago when Randi was pregnant with Sawyer. February can't get here fast enough! 

IMG_0511-2IMG_0511-2 IMG_0578-2IMG_0578-2 IMG_0603-2IMG_0603-2 IMG_0624IMG_0624 IMG_0680IMG_0680 IMG_0707-2IMG_0707-2 IMG_0774IMG_0774 IMG_0824IMG_0824 IMG_0934IMG_0934 IMG_1016IMG_1016


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Jack & Lexi | Happy Two Years IMG_9861IMG_9861 This December marked two years of married photo cuteness with this amazing couple and many shoots even before that! From snowy sessions in Boise to sunny summer days in Nashville, it is always so much fun to photograph Jack & Lexi! We spent an early Saturday morning heading out on I-90 to find them some snow which there was plenty of at Gold Creek Pond! 
IMG_9871IMG_9871 IMG_9865-2IMG_9865-2 IMG_9854IMG_9854 IMG_9891IMG_9891 IMG_9881IMG_9881 IMG_9892IMG_9892 IMG_9905IMG_9905 IMG_9917IMG_9917 IMG_9932IMG_9932 IMG_9949IMG_9949 IMG_9956-2IMG_9956-2 IMG_9972IMG_9972 IMG_0008IMG_0008 IMG_0009IMG_0009 IMG_9993-2IMG_9993-2

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Chris & Lindsey | Engagement Photos IMG_8815IMG_8815 I have been waiting for this session since mid-August when I got the pleasure of laying in the sand and capturing Chris's proposal to Lindsey and it's finally done! Now, we may have anticipated the rain for Chris & Lindsey's early December engagement photos (which didn't happen) BUT what we did not anticipate all the wind! Despite nature's fan for a little extra hair volume & a little extra cold I had such a lovely time with these two lovebirds. Taking photos of them all cozy in a blanket, running around with their pup Penny & overall being the adorable engaged couple that they are! 

IMG_8771IMG_8771 IMG_8775IMG_8775 IMG_8831-2IMG_8831-2 IMG_8847IMG_8847 IMG_8876IMG_8876 IMG_8892IMG_8892 IMG_8916-2IMG_8916-2 IMG_8921IMG_8921 IMG_8979-2IMG_8979-2 IMG_8989IMG_8989 IMG_9114IMG_9114 IMG_9127IMG_9127 IMG_9149IMG_9149 IMG_9182-2IMG_9182-2 IMG_9190IMG_9190 IMG_9186IMG_9186

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Cody & Morgan Wedding | November 4th, 2018 Cody&Morgan-500Cody&Morgan-500 There are not enough words or blog posts to talk about how much fun this wedding was & the great joy we had capturing Cody and Morgan's special day! We had a beautiful and sunny November day in Leavenworth at Mountain Springs Lodge. From the beautiful succulent bouquets to the homemade jam (made by the groom) that they gave away & the three different types of wedding cake the Specht's know how to have a wedding! It could not have been a better day filled with Cody & Morgan celebrating their love, spending time with family & friends, plenty of laughs and amazing moments to capture long into the night. I know I say every wedding is my favorite but it's because every wedding is my favorite of an amazing couple and a day filled with unforgettable memories & stories. 

Cody&Morgan-5Cody&Morgan-5 Cody&Morgan-31Cody&Morgan-31 Cody&Morgan-25Cody&Morgan-25